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3 Ways To Rock The Taper Fade Haircut

If we had to call any style perfect for this season, then it’s this one
by Shayne Exito | Apr 28, 2017
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We’ve reached the peak of summer, and to say that it’s hot is an understatement. If you want to keep cool in this heat, then a new, short ‘do is definitely in order. And if we had to call any style perfect for this season, then it’s the taper fade.

The taper fade is a timeless haircut that always looks good, whether you’re suited up for work, or decked out in your summer duds. The gradual “fading” of the length of the hair, from top to bottom, works for nearly every head shape, and, when done correctly, can accentuate a man’s best features. 

The low fade and high fade are the most popular styles, and you’ve probably worn one or the other at least once in your life. But the great thing about this cut is that it can be incorporated into a lot of different ‘do’s, and here are our top picks:

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1) The Faux Hawk Fade


The faux hawk is a great take on the classic punk mohawk. The less dramatic cut makes it more versatile, and you can make a statement with your hair without looking inappropriate (as is usually the case for its predecessor).

How to get it: Have your barber give you a low fade. Keep a wide strip of your top hair long enough to give a distinct contrast from the clipped sides.

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How to style it: Wait until your hair is almost dry, then work in a good amount of product with your fingers. You can lift your hair up with just your hands, but a blow dryer is also a good way to get your hair into the shape you want. Coat your hair in a bit more product afterwards to hold the desired style in place.


2) The Side-Part Disconnect


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This is the perfect way to modernize the classic side-part style. The tapered sides and the exaggerated parting of the hair let this ‘do toe the line between conservative and rebellious.

How to get it: Get a high fade that starts around 2 inches above your ears on either side. Keep the top part of your hair longer, at least 4 inches in length. Have your barber shave in a surgical cut for an emphasized low side parting.

How to style it: Since the parting is already in place, simply comb your hair neatly in either direction. Use product to give the longer side more volume and to hold it in place. A top layer of wet-look hair gel is also a good way to highlight the parting line.

3) The Brush Back Fade

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Th comb over paired with a taper fade is one of the hottest ‘do’s for men right now. Since it utilizes a less extreme style than an undercut, the difference between the top part of your hair from the sides is less jarring and more natural.

How to get it: Have your hair cut into a taper fade. Leave the top part long enough that when you slick it back, the ends reach past your crown.

How to style it: After washing your hair, gently dry it with a towel until it’s a little damp. Comb it until it’s tangle free, then add in some product to give you volume. Lift your hair with your fingers, directing it up and away from your face. Once you’ve raised it to the height you want, use your comb to smoothen out the top layer, brushing back.

Main image from @thad.deus

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