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4 Manly Beard Inspirations To Try This 2017

Are you scruff enough?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 5, 2017
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From “No-shave November” to “No-shave forever,” beards are now becoming an all-season trend, thanks to celebrities, athletes, and musicians who are rockin’ that facial hair all year long. And in case you’re new to the beard bandwagon, we've got you covered.  Here are four awesome facial hair styles for you to rock this 2017.

For the steady and scruffy adventurer…

The inspo: Franco Reyes

Don’t have time to maintain that mane? The messier the beard, the better. Franco Reyes feels you. If you’re the chill and steady type of guy, then, the talented musician is the man to mimic. Wake up, shower, then you’re good to go. Some white hair showing? Who cares?! 

How to achieve the look: Don't shave your beard for two to three weeks. Let it grow, bro. 

For the career-oriented ladies’ man…

The inspo: Ian Veneracion

Who says beards aren’t business professional? They can be! If you’re not ready (or allowed) to go full-scruff at the office, then Ian Veneracion’s sakto lang stubble is perfect for your mug. His trademark mustache + goatee (which seems to be always freshly trimmed) is a certified client and lady magnet—just ask the girlfriend. Close that deal in no time!

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How to achieve the look: You need to grow a full beard in order for you to have ample hair for shaping. You also need to grow a mustache. This requires careful sculpting, so you need good razors. Just take off the hair on the sides, and then shape it appropriately.


For the eligible bachelor…

The inspo: Sid Lucero

Not too long, not too short, with thick enough coverage that’s award-winning. Sid’s full beard says: "I'm dangerous, but a puppy dog deep down."

How to achieve the look: Hooray for hairy guys! A full beard is pure genetics, so it's easier to get the rough rider vibe if it runs in the fam. If you're blessed with the facial fur gene, just don’t forget to trim it regularly to maintain an appealing length.

For the strict boss…


The inspo: John Arcilla

Heneral Luna’s iconic mustache screams “power.” If you want to achieve that strict, stern look then punyeta, this beard style is for you.

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How to achieve the look:  Shape your man-whiskersinto a heroic stache. Shave your sideburns, too. Use beard oil or mustache wax to keep its form.

Main image from Studio Guerrero

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