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4 New Hairstyles To Update Your Look This June

New month, new cut!
by Shayne Exito | Jun 6, 2017
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We’ve officially hit the halfway mark of 2017, gents! How good has your hair game been so far? If you’re confident you’ve been hitting it out of the park, make sure you keep up the winning streak for the rest of the year!

Now that summer is nearly over and the country has started dipping its toes into the rainy season, you’ll need a ‘do that’ll hold up to the wet and humid weather. This June, consider these styles for your hair:

1) Side-swept Crew Cut

The crew cut has been around for a long time, and you’ve probably worn this cut before. In the last few years though, with man-buns and undercuts becoming the staple for any man who wants to stay in style, it hasn’t been worn as much. Nevertheless, it’s a classically masculine ‘do that always looks good, and it’ll keep your head cool and fresh now that the weather’s turning.

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How to get it: Get the sides and back of your hair buzzed tightly to a uniform length, then taper the slightly longer top hair so that it fades subtly from the front to the crown. Because you’ll have a bit of fringe when your hair is down, comb it neatly to the side for a more put-together look. Add texture by applying some product while combing.

2) Combover with Taper Fade

For men with medium length hair, ditch the product and do a loose combover instead. Such an effortlessly cool look will never go out of style, after all. Just remember that it won’t be so effortless unless you get your hair cut in a way that’ll let you avoid messy tangles when the wind (and your hands) run through it on the regular.

How to get it: Rather than keeping your hair relatively long all around, get a taper fade for the sides and back while maintaining the length up top (around 4-5 inches minimum) instead. This will give you a long enough fringe to pull off the combover (sweep your fingers through your hair, starting deep from one side then gently flipping your hair to the other side), but keep the rest of your head neat. For the more daring, you can add some highlights to your hair for extra character and volume.

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3) Textured Quiff

Rather than packing your hair down with a lot of holding product and creating a super sculpted ‘do, consider wearing a style that’s a whole lot more chaotic. Not to say that you won’t be using any product for this one, but you can achieve a more dangerous and rebellious vibe as opposed to the classier impression the pomp or slickback delivers. This spiky look is perfect for guys who are open to getting messy for fun.

How to get it: Scissor-cut your hair to a manageable length on all sides, but keep the top, front part longer. When your hair is still damp, introduce a holding product and loosely comb forward with your fingers. Then, either with your hand or a blow dryer (for extra volume), brush up the front part of your hair until you get it standing upright. Keep things extra messy by pulling up random spikes and tufts around your head.

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4) Viking Braid

For men who have long hair, don’t worry: you don’t have to cut it short for the rainy season. The man-bun and topknot trends may be on their way out, but long hair is still in style—you just have to know what to do with it. While keeping it loose and wavy is okay, for those occasions when you need your hair just a tad neater, braiding it is a great way to go. The unique style will keep your hair out of your face and give you a sharp profile. No worries about looking feminine with this one, boys—you’ll look metal AF if you do it correctly!

How to get it: Shoulder-length (or longer) hair is best for this one, but skillful hands can make do with hair that only reaches the nape. While braiding might take a while for you to learn (there are tons of ways you can do this, and even more how-to videos online you can google), the finished product is definitely worth the effort. You can also ask your friends or significant other to learn how to do it, and get a bonding moment out of the deal.

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