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4 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For When You're Growing Out Your Undercut

So you don’t look like you’re growing out your undercut
July 31, 2017
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Anyone rocking the undercut will agree that the ‘do demands a lot of maintenance. Because of how good the trendy style looks, however, the effort seems to be worth it for many. But there are also a lot of men out there who are ready to move on to something more low-key.

Of course, dropping the undercut isn’t as simple as skipping your monthly appointment at the barbershop and letting your hair grow wild and free. Because of its particular style, your hair will inevitably go through an awkward stage where it’s at different lengths—an unflattering look all around.

But just because you’re growing out your undercut doesn’t mean there's no way to look good in the process. Here are some easy, breezy, suggestions for you:

1) Ivy League


To get this, you need to leave an inch of hair on the top of your head, and a little more than an inch at the front. Afterwards, just style the hair at the front by parting it on the side. If you’re aiming for that refined look, this one’s for you.

2) Quiff With Short Tapered Fade


To achieve this, ask your barber to give you that gradual fade on the sides and at the back, while letting the hair on the top stay about two inches (or more) long. To style, just apply your favorite product on the longer part and tousle it for volume and texture. The messier your quiff, the edgier it looks.

3) Buzz Cut


Feeling brave? Then go all the way and razor off your hair to don the buzz cut. The best thing about this is that it requires little to no styling. Just use a lightweight product to give a small amount of texture to your ‘do, and that’s it!

4) Classic Short Taper


The classic taper haircut gives you an instantly polished look with minimal styling. Attain this one by tapering the sides of your hair, then graduating up to a longer top (not longer than an inch, though). This low-maintenance, high-performance style is ideal for the classy gentleman.

Now, while these hairstyles won’t take nearly as much maintenance as the undercut, you should still put a little effort into styling them. To make the most of these looks, make sure you have the essentials always on hand: a trusty comb and your go-to styling product.

Something like the Stylex Styling Gel, a non-sticky, non-flaking hair product, will serve you well. Just squeeze a dollop or two of this easy-to-rinse gel on your palm, apply on your hair, style as desired, and you’re good to go.

On top of keeping your hair in place for hours, Stylex also helps moisturize your hair and makes it smell great throughout the day. So say goodbye to your undercut, and say hello to new swag!

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