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4 Signs You Might Be Washing Your Face Wrong

Yes, there’s a right way to do it.
September 16, 2016
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Does your facial grooming routine (apart from shaving, that is) include nothing more than reaching for the nearest bar of soap and splashing some water on your face? If it does, then buddy, be prepared for some grief down the line. You won’t be able to keep your face game strong for long, that’s for sure.

Though even if you do put a little more effort into it, and actually do go out and buy some products for your manly grooming (and props to you for not shying away from the beauty section), you might still end up not looking your best if you don't wash your face the right way.

So if you’re worried you’re actually doing damage to that mug of yours, here are some things happening all up in your face that might clue you in:   

1. Breakouts (can be just as bad as breakups)
While pimples popping up every now and then is a totally normal, though regrettable, occurrence, your skin breaking out regularly is bad business. It means your pores are getting clogged because you’re not properly scrubbing away all the dirt and impurities that settle on your face throughout the day. Learn to use face wash, bro.

2. Oiliness (is next to ugliness)
Bit of a harsh truth, especially since some people just naturally have higher oil-production than others, but a shiny face is definitely not attractive. Ironically, oil build-up occurs because you’re stripping your face of the natural layer of oil that protects your skin by using the wrong creams and washes. Greasy is not sexy, bro.

3. Dry skin (can be rough, amirite?)  
Just so you know, when you notice skin peeling off your face and you don’t remember going to the beach and getting sunburned (which, btw, is totally avoidable by rubbing on some sunscreen), you’re probably drying out your complexion. Hard weather can take its toll on your mug, but so can the wrong products—don’t settle for stuff that’s making you look patchy. Also, don’t forget, moisturizer is your friend, bro.

4. Tight & hot (is not always a good thing)
Remember, a nice tingly feeling after you’ve cleansed is good, but a burning sensation is bad bad bad. Don’t just grin and bear it, because when your face stings and starts to feel tight, then you’ve definitely used astringents or washes that are too harsh for your skin. Beware large pores and wrinkles if you don’t switch to gentler products. Tough love ain’t good for your face, bro.

A careless grooming routine can do more harm to your skin than good. So while we applaud you for not just holding your face under the faucet and calling it a job well done, be wise when choosing your products—because the right ones will take care of your skin while still being effetive.  

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