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4 Ways To Aging Coolly!

<p>Older is cooler</p>
| May 18, 2010
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There’s nothing to fear about growing old, really. In fact, we think cool comes with age. [firstpara] We mean, take a look at Sean Connery, and Al Pacino, and yes, even George Clooney. You think that dude in Twlight is cooler than any of them? We didn't think so.

So. Here are four ways to aging coolly.

1.    Pay your dues. Nothing worth noting comes in a touch of a button.

So work your hours, start from the bottom, pay your dues, get your heart broken, suffer from the nastiest hang over. By the time you reach 60, you’ll have a shitload of stories to tell.

2.    Live fast and then go on cruise control.
Don’t waste your youth. While you still can, go after your dreams. Own that car, chase after that position, win your dream girl’s heart.

You have to learn the value of hardwork, determination, discipline, and courage before you can go on cruise control. Why?

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If you let cruise control happen first, you’ll lose your momentum, and then you become the king of mediocrity. Nobody wants to be mediocre.

3.    Sleep. You won’t get to 60 if death comes first. So make sure you treat yourself to some rest and relaxation. Enjoy your weekend. Get a good shut-eye. Do nothing—from time to time, that is.

4.    Wear sunscreen.
Say you’ve reached 64. You may have all the coolest stories in the world. But if you look like a prune, who will want to listen? Look like a dignified old man by taking care of your skin now. That means: wear sunscreen.

The Belo Essentials Sunexpert is a sunscreen that has Ectoin, a natural cell shield that strengthens the skin’s defense system and preserves moisture. With SPF 40, you know it’ll help maintain healthy, white skin and prevent accelerated premature skin aging, even skin cancer.

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