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5 Korean Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Emulate

Your girlfriend wants an 'oppa' for a boyfriend? Gotchu, fam
by Ginyn Noble | May 12, 2017
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Bringing a photo peg to haircut appointments is great. But bear in mind that when it comes to switching up your hairstyle, the most important consideration is your face shape.

In case you were thinking of riding the whole Korean trend that's taking over the country, here are some iconic hairstyles of the oppas that girls can’t get enough of, the face shapes they suit, and a few tips for achieving the look:

1) Gong Yoo’s Parted Perm

The Face Shapes It Suits: Oval or Heart

The hairstyle of this Goblin and Train to Busan actor requires you to have your hair permed (curled with hair chemicals) to create soft slightly lengthy waves that frame the face. Make sure you can pull off that off-center part before committing to it!

If you want to go full-on Gong Yoo, maintain your wavy hair with some hair serum or styling cream (never gel or wax that can make your strands too stiff and give you a wet look). You can brush up or comb over your hair, or set it with some hair wax or hairspray for a more presko look.

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2) Lee Dong Wook’s Permed Bangs

The Face Shapes It Suits: Oval or V-Shaped

Bangs in this country? Go ahead if you can stand it! Mimic the Goblin star’s textured hairstyle with a perm. Or if you’re lucky, you don’t need to get a treatment if you've been blessed with naturally thin, wavy hair.

Again, you can keep the waves defined by applying serum onto your strands and scrunching (it’s basically just crumpling sections of your hair while it’s drying). If you want your hair to look silky and smooth, get a hair treatment or use a deep conditioner. Finish with styling cream or mousse (a medium-hold hair wax can be an alternative, too).

3) Lee Min Ho’s Blunt Bangs

The Face Shapes It Suits: Oval or V-Shaped

It’s almost like a version of Lee Dong Wook’s hair—except you don’t need a perm (or you need to have your curly or wavy hair straightened). Plus, the Legend of the Blue Sea and Boys Over Flowers actor’s bangs are a lot fuller than Dong Wook’s.

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You can also cop this look by having your hair dyed a sun-kissed shade with some soft highlights. Have this done by a professional, so you end up with a shade that truly complements your skin tone.

Bonus Tip: Do a center part or an off-center part with this haircut to channel Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’s Nam Joo Hyuk or Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’s Kim Ji Soo:

And if you want to have it dyed, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’s Park Hyung Sik can be your inspiration:

4) Lee Joon Gi’s Layered Fringe

The Face Shapes It Suits: V-Shaped or Oval (yes, any hairstyle looks great on lucky guys with an oval face shape)

Ask for a layered haircut with a heavy angular fringe to cop this Scarlet Heart: Ryeo lead’s look. The fringe swept to the side can help balance your face shape by making the forehead appear narrower. Do away with the “emo” vibe by having your hair dyed dark brown or mocha. Again, make sure a pro helps you find the suitable shade.

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5) Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Neat Cut

The Face Shape It Suits: Any

Among all the Hallyu idols, these guys have the easiest style to steal. The other haircuts might require you to go to Korean hair salons or unisex parlors, but in this case, even your neighborhood barbero can help you achieve this haircut, where the layers are spiky and the sides are lean and slender.

Style your hair using wax with a strong hold for days when the short fringe bothers you (and when you want to look cooler).

Bonus Tip: Get a shorter haircut and keep the look cleaner to channel Hwarang’s Park Seo Joon. Don’t forget that neat side part and those slicked-back strands.

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