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5 Wacky Grooming Products From Your High School Days

Who remembers Michael Gel?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 13, 2016
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Before those expensive perfumes and posh barbershops, Hygiene 101 started during your high school days. Those were the years when you first became conscious of what you looked like—especially in front of your crush. So you started experimenting with your clothing, you started wearing perfume, and you basically just started taking care of yourself more. Unfortunately, your measly allowance couldn't afford you fancy haircuts or cool grooming items. But that didn’t hold you back. You still managed to set your steez with the help of some budget-friendly campus essentials.

Let these remind you of those good old days. 

1) Johnson’s Baby Powder + Handkerchief

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Every time you experienced a bad case of sweaty neck, baby powder was your best friend. But you wouldn’t be caught dead bringing it with you to the restroom. Post-application libag was another problem to deal with, though.

2) Bench Atlantis Body Spray

Unless your dad was some rich consul, Davidoff and Armani scents were way too expensive for a teenager. But you still managed to smell incredibly good. How? Well, you have Ben Chan to thank for that.  


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3) Michael Gel Sachet

Bad hair days were never an issue when you have a sachet of Michael Gel in your pocket. You used to buy a sachet or two from your ­favorite sari-sari store before going to class. You also had various colors to choose from, but you still stick to the clear or blue one, just because it had better hold. 

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4) Hair Doctor


The perfect match for your Michael Gel? Hair Doctor of course! This comb was all the rage during the back then. Don't deny the fact that you owned one, too.

5) Lipps Candy

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If girls had lip gloss, guys had Lipps Candy. Admit it, you used to eat these candies not just for the flavor, but to give your lips an extra hint of color. Sorry to let your secret out.

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