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Let These Dudes' Manly Transformations Inspire You to Grow a Beard

Facial hair = contouring for men
by Belle Rodolfo | May 17, 2018
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We once read a tweet that said, “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch ugly AF but Doctor Strange is hot?” and thought...yeah, they have a point. So, want to change your look on that level? Consider holding back from bringing the razor to your stubble because facial hair is practically contouring for straight men. For the uninitiated, contouring is the use of makeup—often using darker shades—to define and give shape to areas of the face that need it.

No tea, no shade, and no hate though for those who prefer the actual makeup kind—because some guys do—but for us who don’t have the guts or the skill with a brush, we let nature take its course (or coarse) and grow our contours ourselves. Here are some guys who may serve as the inspo for your future beard transformation…

John Legend

Damn, John—his beard glow-up is a testimony that you can go from “babyface” to “have my babies.” This makeover would work perfectly if you have a youthful face as facial hair tend to age some faces. Own it by saying it's just the plus side to being cute!

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Look at those dimples and cute round cheeks! Oh, and the baby is cute, too.

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With a nice beard shadow, we now have less trouble telling the two Legends apart.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Seen by some people as “alien-y” sans the beard, the actor has his Doctor Strange role to thank for the chance to sport an eccentric new facial hairdo. Some further proof that this Straight Man Contouring changes your look a lot.

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*alien sounds*

Who this!?


Lionel Messi

He may be the GOAT football player—or it may be fellow footballer Ronaldo—but there's no denying that little Leo Messi grew an inch taller on the pitch the day he decided to embrace his facial hair.

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Harmless expression...

Harmless expression with beard attached!

Seth Rogen

We don’t know if it’s the married life doing him wonders, but funny man Seth Rogen totally grew up when he grew out the facial hair.

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James Franco and who is that guy on the left?

The slimming effect in full force right here!

Atom Araullo

The former child star of 5 and Up was already breaking hearts ever since he showed up on TV, but when he started getting noticed for his journalism work (and the great new ruggedness), we realized that some balbas works wonders.

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Atom closer to 5 and Up...

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And Atom closer to stealing yo girl!


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