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5 Products to Bring to the Beach

Because it's high time we hit the beach!
| Mar 6, 2012
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It's March, outside it's almost 38 degrees celcius. In a few weeks time, the FHM Bikini Heaven will happening. Is it summer or is it summer?

Of course there's a lot of things to bring to the beach but first things first: Toiletries. Because making lists can be tedious—a grown up list at that— we thought we'd do the listing for you. It's simple enough; we listed just 5 products you'll need when at the beach.

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Topping the list, of course, is sun block. With the increasingly harsh sun, keeping your skin protected is your best bet against skin cancer. There are plenty of products to choose from— from brand names to SPF to special features. Take your pick, bro. And then stick by it.

For us, we're keen on trying Beach Hut. They have an SPF 100++. At 100, that's maximum protection you get. And then, even better: There is a Beach Hut Bar in Boracay. Bring your Beach Hut Bottle and you get a discount on their booze. Please. What is not to like?

Check the list and join us at Boracay in three weeks! Bawal ang amoy araw, ha!

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