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5 Style-Killers That Can Ruin Your Look

Trust us, people notice.
November 02, 2016
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So, big date coming up? Awesome! We wish you the best. Let’s do a quick run through of things just to be sure you’re prepared, shall we? Dinner reservations? Flowers? Cash in your wallet and gas in your car? Check! Everything’s looking good so far.

Of course, always remember that the most important thing you're bringing to the date is your own self. So put in as much effort prepping and grooming yourself as you would everything else. Pay attention to the details, buddy. It’s the little things that can make or break your look, after all. We're talking about:

Dandruff flakes
We live in the tropics, bro! No one's gonna be fooled when you show up with “snow” on your shoulders.

Extra-long nosehairs 
No lady wants to see a jungle growing up there! Just like how you’d make sure to fix your hair and shave your scruff (or groom that beard) for your date, don’t forget to trim your nosehairs. Seriously, all it takes is just a quick snip.

Bad breath
No matter how good you look, all that effort and charm will go out the window as soon as you open your mouth and your date gets a blast of your bad breath.

Dirty nails
We get it, you like working with your hands. But showing up with grime under your nails is no way to impress your date. Good luck breaking the touch barrier with those dirty tendrils!

Armpit stains
Make sure you apply some deodorant before putting on any fancy clothes. Trust us: no one can pull off 'pit stains. The only time they’re acceptable is when you’re working out, and unless you’re going on a gym date, then try to keep underarm sweat under control!

Sweat stains are one thing but what about those annoying deo stains? Check for white marks your deo might leave behind on your black shirts, and yellow stains your deo might have caused on your white polo. With NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black and White Deodorant, you don’t need to worry about those because you'll definitely be protected from pit stains and deo stains. You'll be able to stay fresh and look good, which could mean you’ll be in for a great night. 

Now that you know all about these style-killers, you're better prepped for the big night. With NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black and White Deodorant, not only will you smell good and not only will your clothes be stain-free, but you'll also have the confidence to show her the best of you. Good luck, buddy!

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