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5 Suave Celebrity Haircuts To Copy Right Now

New month, new cut
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 29, 2017
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In case you've let your hair grow out or you’re just simply bored with your current cut, a new month is always a great excuse to update your look. For some inspiration, here are five recent hair upgrades from male celebrities that you should take your cue from.

1) Drew Arellano’s Pompadour Fade


The modern pompadour (pomp, for short) hairstyle has become a big hit in the last few years. Get this by tapering down the sides of your hair to a short length. Keep the middle part a little longer, as this will create the illusion of more weight and give the cut its characteristic height. The fade draws the eyes to the top of the head, so keep this style in place with a hefty amount of pomade.

2) Ryan Agoncillo’s Messy Spikes

Ryan’s messy, spiky hairstyle almost looks as if he just rolled out of bed and decided to step out into the world. We all know that’s not actually the case, so how does the talented host achieve this style? Simple: take some light hair wax, run your fingers through your hair, shape it into individual spikes, and you’re good to go!


3) Jericho Rosales’ Curly Quiff


Jericho’s style has that noticeable long front curly hair, which is usually swept over for a messier look. To achieve this, ask your barber to trim your hair shorter on each side and leave a long, considerable length on top. Once dry, use your hands to style that curly part to one side via hair wax. It'll help if your hair is naturally curly. Otherwise, it might be best to opt for something more realistic. 

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4) AJ Dee’s Neat Brush-up

First, you'll need the following products: pomade or wax, a hairdryer, and a comb. You have to have hair up top that's at least 2 to 4 inches long. Style it as you would a spiky hairstyle, but make sure you do not to clump the hair strands together as you run your fingers with your chosen hair product. Now, blow dry it while you comb it with your fingers. Check your dapper self out ion the mirror. 

5) Xian Lim’s Korean Fringe

Fringe, also known as bangs, complements a variety of face shapes—a quick and easy way to update your look. You'll need to let you hair grow past your eyebrows before taking on this style. Then, just let it hang down or brush it to one side, just like your girlfriend's favorite Korean heartthrobs.

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