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5 Things the Pogi Dude Has in His Bathroom

Bros, do you have these in your CR?
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 17, 2013
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How can someone be "pogi?" Genes? Fashion style? Humor? All of the above? The truth is, we don't really have the answer (we'll be gods if we did). All we know is, while it could come naturally or through sheer hardwork, there are a few products that can help you become more handsome than your walang-ligo self.

"And what are these?", you ask? A few grooming products that let you go beyond your usual "hilamos lang, okay na" routine! These are the ones that we bet many of our attractive bros have hidden somewhere inside their bathrooms. Heck, these might even be their well-kept secrets!

We don't guarantee that these will make you look like a Pinoy Johnny Depp though, but, at the very least, you'll look and feel a wee bit cleaner if you use them. Check out your pogi solutions below!

1) A reliable pang-ahitthe things every pogi man has
Something like
the: the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

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We know, facial hair can be the difference between a macho manly facade and a totoy look. We have no qualms about you having it—we just think you should keep it tidy and under control. However, whether or not you like to be scruffy or clean-shaven, having a reliable razor is a good thing. It helps you experiment on different bigote styles and find the right one for you, as well as be #MOMOLReady in a jiffy if a girl wants some lip action minus the grassy feel on her mug.

2) A skin-friendly shaving lubricant
men's grooming essentials

Something like the: the Nivea For Men Shaving Foam

Now that you have a reliable razor, mix in a shaving lubricant to seal the deal. Sure, you can survive with a water and soap combo, but that might lead to irritation and nasty redness on your face. A shaving lubricant will help you avoid this, as well as make your ahit sesh feel more comfy and your skin softer. Bro-tip: There are a lot of types out there (e.g. menthol foams, creams, and soaps) so, if you're a shaving noob, we suggest trying out a few products first to know which one your skin is the most hiyang to.

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