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5 Yucky Things Women Notice About Your Hygiene

Trust us, she's observant
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 8, 2017
Photo by unsplash.com
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Congratulations for surviving Basic Grooming 101: combing your hair, clipping your nails, and spritzing on your favorite scent. Now it’s time to head over to the next level. And what is that? In Depth Hygiene 110.

In this level, you are required to start paying attention to little details. Believe it or not, women do notice every single thing about you. Scary as it sounds, but they do secretly observe things on your face and body way more than you ever will. And if you’re planning to impress the apple of your eye, you better start paying attention to these things.

1) Blackheads and whiteheads 

The seemingly unnoticeable blackheads and whiteheads on your nose are, well, noticed by the ladies. Having these pesky pore pluggers give off the impression that you are not washing your face often, which, again, turns her off.

What to do:

Popping them is not the solution, as it might leave an ugly scar. You can either have it removed by a dermatologist through facial treatments. Or if you’re on a budget, just use those nose pore strips, which you can buy at drugstores. After that, prevent them from coming back by making sure that you wash your face at the end of the day. Follow it up with a toner for better results.

2) Nose hair

There’s no escaping it—hair will start growing in weird places and you can’t control it. Make nose hair trimming a part of your grooming routine so that you avoid potentially embarrassing situations. Trust, nothing turns her off more than that hair poking out those holes.

What to do:

The easiest way to deal with nose hair is to cut it with the help of special nose hair scissors. These specialized scissors have rounded safety tips specifically shaped to curve away from skin. Never use normal scissors because they might harm the delicate skin of your nostrils. Also, remember to clean them after use! "Always clean and sterilize the instruments for nose hair trimming with soap and water. Alcohol is also a good antiseptic. Should you get injured in the process, it is advisable to place topical antibiotics especially if the skin in the area becomes bruised or cut," shares Dr. Willie E. de la Cruz, an ear, nose, throat-head and neck surgeon at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

3) Dandruff

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Chances are she'll see the flakes in your head or on your shirt, which is kadiri. The “snowflakes” on your shoulders are a sign of poor hygiene. Most probably, she’ll think that you skipped using the shampoo, or worse, that you aren't washing your hair at all. 

What to do:

Dandruff is best treated by washing your hair with a dandruff shampoo. Switch up your trusty ol’ brand with one that is specially made to combat the flakes. "Use shampoo that has ketoconazole, coal tar, or selenium sulphide on your beard," says Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations. If the problem persists, head to your physician for a heavy-duty prescription.

4) Bad breath

Seriously, this is something you should notice. If your breath smells like your just-woke-up morning breath even when it's only your lunch break, you got to do something, ASAP. You don’t want to send her running in the other direction once you start talking, do you?

What to do:

Don’t forget the basics: brush your teeth and tongue every other meal, floss at least once a day, and visit your dentist every six months. Better stash a mini bottle of mouthwash and packs of mints in your bag, too. 

5) Body odor

Sweating is normal. But stinky sweating is not. That nasty underarm smell won’t magically go away. Again, this is basic. “Smells like teen spirit” may be your favorite line, but please, don’t emulate it.

What to do:

Upgrade your hygiene habits to the next level by taking a bath twice a day (especially after going to the gym). You should also wash and change your bath towel frequently, as it tends to trap odor (and make sure you hang it after showering). Wash your bedsheets and pillowcases, too. Change your clothes and underwear every day. Also, never ever forget to use an ant-perspirant and deodorant.