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5 Tips for Styling with Hair Gel

<p>Screw the wax, we're going with hair gel this time</p>
| Apr 13, 2010
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Styling your hair with gel might not seem to be a sticky matter. [firstpara] How hard could it be to get a glob of the stuff, put it in your hands, and proceed to apply it to your hair like a man gone wild?

Indeed, that might work. But there’s also the risk of overdoing it, or just plain doing it wrong. Too much of something is never good, and that is true as well, in the case of the hair gel.

Let’s get to the roots of the matter at hand here, as we share a couple of tips on how to get better results with your hair gel.

1)  Choosing the right gel
Not all hair gels are created equal, and each one is created for a specific purpose. Let’s look at some of the offerings from hair product specialist, Dep.

First off, we have the Dep Shaping Molding Gel – Hold 7. This alcohol-free gel has the right amount of holding power for your hair, so you can shape and mold it in almost any style. It isn’t too stiff, but is able to keep your hair in place.

The Dep Sport Texture Styling Gel – Hold 11, on the other hand offers a stronger hold that locks your hairstyle in place all day even under high activity levels. Ginseng and amino acid extracts stimulate your hair, and makes it look healthy and fresh the whole day through.  

Lastly, we also have the Dep Sport Endurance Styling Gel – Hold 11. Now, as its name suggests, this hair gel offers the ultimate in hold, performance and control. Even after a whole day in the office, and a hard-played basketball game, this gel will help your hairstyle pull through anything.

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Like the Texture Styling Gel above, this gel is enhanced with amino acids, and electrolytes to give vigor to your hair and scalp as well.


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