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7 Easy-To-Remember Hacks To Make You Smell Pogi All The Time

Smell fresh from AM to PM
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 24, 2017
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We all like to smell good. But sometimes, despite observing good hygiene and spritzing on our favorite perfume, an unpleasant odor still manages to ruin the moment. Hassle.

If you've tried a lot of ways to make your perfume last longer but haven't been successful, here we got easy-to-remember, surefire ways to make you smell pogi and fresh all the time. 

1) Apply perfume right after your shower

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Spray your perfume right after taking a bath. The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent.

2) Moisturize your skin

Apply lotion or petroleum jelly on your pulse points before spraying your favorite perfume. Moisturized skin holds and helps lock in the scent.

3) Don't rub wrists together

Contrary to popular belief, rubbing a fragrance on your wrists is a big no-no. If you rub your wrists together, the top notes tend to disappear faster than intended, making your fragrance not last as long.

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4) Apply at pulse points

Target pulse points and warm areas on your body when spraying perfume. Remember to choose two (only two!) target areas from the following: wrists, inside the elbows, neck, below the midriff, behind your knees, or on your ankles and calves. These warm areas help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. 


5) Layer fragrances

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Create your custom scent by combining several fragrances. Once you find a combo you like, spray the stronger scent first and then top it with the lighter fragrance so that the first perfume doesn't overpower the second.

6) Store your perfume in a cool, dry place

Don't store that perfume bottle in warm, damp places. Heat and humidity break down the perfume's notes and ultimately lessen the quality of its fragrance. 

7) Give yourself some distance from the perfume bottle

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Don't hold the bottle right up to your skin when you spray it. Rather, spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into it. The spray will distribute evenly across your body and leave you with just the right hint of fragrance.

BONUS: Better to familiarize yourself with common fragrance terms so you know exactly what the perfume associates are referring to when helping you find a new scent. Read more about that here

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