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8 Areas Of Your Body You're (Probably) Not Cleaning Well—And How To Keep Them Squeaky-Clean

You're not 100% clean if you don't give these often overlooked areas a proper scrubbin'!
by Mars Salazar | Apr 16, 2015
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Personal hygiene seems pretty straightforward: take a shower, brush your teeth, use deodorant. Really though, it’s a lot more than just keeping body odor away. Keeping yourself spick and span doesn’t just feel good; it’s also a safeguard against illness-causing bacteria and viruses. To be honest, though, we don’t really get to clean ourselves super thoroughly every time, and we’ve all been guilty of missing a spot or two somewhere at some point. #Aminin

Because being thoroughly pogi means not being repeat offenders of this grooming crime, here's a how-to guide on keeping your body's often overlooked areas squeaky-clean. You're welcome!


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Here’s the thing about your ears: These organs are self-cleaning, meaning you don’t really have to poke ‘em with cotton buds to clean them. In fact, using tissue or cotton swabs to wipe down your ears might result in an earwax-clogged ear canal, which is 50 shades of gross.

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How to clean it: Using a clean piece of cloth or tissue, wipe up earwax on parts of your ears that you can comfortably reach with your finger (read: the exterior part that are visible from the outside, never inside). If you're using your bare finger, make sure it's clean and be gentle (no scratching!). It doesn’t sound like the most hygienic practice, but you gotta agree that it’s way better than accidentally puncturing your eardrum with a cotton bud!


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Few things in life warrant the most demeaning of adjectives: our corrupt politicians, people who poop in the shower, and stinky belly buttons. We’re not kidding, guys. Seriously, stuff a finger inside your navel, bring said finger up to your nose, and see if you can stand that rancid smell for more than five seconds. It’s amazing how we rarely clean a body part we see practically every day, eh?

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How to clean it: While your basic everyday shower can remove a number of the germs residing in your belly button, it’s still better to give it a more thorough cleaning once a week. You should clean the inside part of you navel with a soap or alcohol-soaked cotton bud while the outside area can be taken care of by a soapy washcloth. Again, be gentle!


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Using the toothpaste trusted by dentists and going "brush, brush, brush three times a day" isn’t enough if you want to keep your sparkly whites as white and sparkly as possible.

How to clean it: Oh boy, where do we start? First, brush your teeth after every meal to minimize the amount of germs living in your mouth. While you’re at it, you might as well brush as thoroughly as possible: Don’t skip the back of your teeth, and try to reach all the way up to your wisdom molars. Next, floss regularly. Yeah, it’s tedious, but it’s awesome for fishing out those hard-to-reach tinga between your teeth. And finally, visit your dentist regularly for an intensive cleaning session.

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No one wants to make out with a white fuzz-topped tongue. If that’s how yours look like, well, you probably have a really big, bad (breath) problem. Luckily, cleaning it shouldn’t be that big of a headache.

How to clean it: It’s not that hard to remove that icky stuff on your tongue. Scrub your tongue while you’re brushing your teeth, or better yet, get yourself a tongue cleaner/scraper (see above image). You can also use dental floss to clean up and remove gunk from your tongue—how’s that for a multitasking product?


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Any girl will tell you that black-tipped nails are a total turn-off. The thing is, for some inexplicable reason, you still find dirt under your nails every single day no matter how short you trim them. Also, the my-pinky-nail-is-longer-than-the-rest-of-my-other-nails look is just disgusting. What the heck, man?!

How to clean it: There’s a reason why your girlfriend can’t let go of her regular mani-pedi habit—it gets her tips silky smooth. Yeah, we’re actually recommending you get a man-icure, even just once in your life. If you balk at the idea of a stranger getting near your paws with an assortment of sharp metal tools, learn to clip your tips at home properly, remove the dirt under your nails using the corner of a nail clipper's blade, and for the love of God, don’t even think about chewing your nails. How old are you? Seven?


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Just because you can’t see your back, doesn’t mean there aren’t any germs on it. It’s not just libag you should be concerned about: a dirty back is also a open invite to bacne, which is a no-no if you’re planning to hit the beach soon. Paano ka makakapag-LaBoracay niyan, bro?

How to clean it: Don’t forget to give your backside a good rubdown every time you take a bath. It’s that simple, really. You could use a back-scratcher, those wooden/plastic bathing tools that look like giant toothbrushes with ultra-soft bristles. You should also shower after every workout to get rid of all the germs and sweat on your back. If you want to go all out, take a cue from your girlfriend and exfoliate your behind.

If (God forbid) you already have bacne, then click here for tips on how you can deal with it.


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We don’t give 'em much attention, but if there’s a body part that deserves extra pampering, it’s probably your feet. Sure, they look really good clad in your new sneakers, but your feet should look even better naked. Special attention should be given to the part between your toes because this is one area we often miss (and where all sorts of nasty stuff like sweat can collect).

How to clean it: Clean and scrub every inch of your feet, especially between your toes, every time you take a bath (a simple kuskos with your fingertips when you're bathing can do the trick, but don't scrub too hard as this area is quite sensitive). Make sure it's properly dry before putting on your kicks so you won't be afflicted with bromodosis (a.k.a. smelly feetyes, it has its own medical term). And don’t walk around barefoot in public bathrooms or shower rooms as these places are hotbeds of germs and fungi.


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Another often overlooked part of your bod, this area can get really dirty and smelly if you don't pay attention to it. Left unchecked, it will turn into your legs' version of stinky armpits.

How to clean it: Yes, it will get wet whenever you shower, but that's no excuse not to clean it. You can use your palms together with soap and water, or a luffa to scrub off the dead skin cells, sweat, and grime that have accumulated on it. Then, dry it off with a towel and make sure it's not moist when you don a pair of jeans. Germs and bacteria love moist, dark places, you know.

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