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8 Grooming Rules All Men Should Live By

A basic primer for how to take care of your body’s aesthetic needs
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 20, 2016
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You really have no excuse to slack off when it comes to grooming. All the products and services you need are readily available. Probably the only excuse you can make is you don't exactly know where to start, what to do, and what the hell these items are for. 

Admittedly, though, many men still don’t know the basic methods of grooming themselves and don’t feel comfortable asking for advice. But it’s not too late to start forming that habit now. Here’s a basic primer for how to take care of your body’s aesthetic needs.

1) Slather on the sunscreen even if it’s not summer

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This is the most important rule of all. UV radiation does not take a day off—rain or shine, its harmful rays are here every day to damage skin and age your face. According to the World Health Organization, UV radiation results in “acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune system.” So while you’ve still got the chance, get in the habit of applying sun protection before heading out the door. Yes, those are the stuff labeled with "SPF."

2) Wash and moisturize your face—all day, every day

Sure, right now your skin may be smooth and wrinkle-free. But soon enough, you’re going to notice tiny lines creeping their way across your face. And when that day comes, you’re going to blame yourself for not washing your face before going to sleep, and not using moisturizers, eye creams, and face masks. Yes, your girlfriend’s kikoy kit gift to you has a purpose, and yes, those anti-aging commercials really do say the truth.

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3) Shave s l o w l y

No matter how sleepy you are, don’t, as in DO NOT, drag that razor across your skin. You're basically slicing your skin if you do so. Here are a few steps you can take to minimize the perils of shaving: For one, use fresh blades, which will minimize drag. You should also use proper shaving products such as pre-shave oil and alcohol-free shaving cream. Another solid move is to S L O W down the process, as rushing through your shave can cause irritation. Do you really want to cut your cheeks? That’s very unkissable, mind you.

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4) Don’t forget your mouth

Speaking of kissing, do not forget to groom your mouth as well. Things like brushing every after meal, gargling that mouth wash, and scraping that tongue are very important especially if you plan on keeping your gums, breath, and teeth in tip top shape for years to come. Of course, don’t forget your lips, either. So go, buy a lip balm. The skin on your lips is thinner than almost anywhere else, making it extra vulnerable. And again, you want those lips to stay kissable, correct?


5) Tame that body hair

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The same way you don’t want unnecessary hair on your girlfriend’s legs, underarms, or gasp, even on her nose—please, shave, cut, wax whatever’s needed to be done. Also, years from now, you’re going to start finding hair in places you would have never expected—or hoped for (think: your back, your ears, your ass). You’ve probably experienced some of that already. So before you get into the thick of it, tame it.

6) …and the hair on your head as well

You wear your hair every damn day, so spending a little more time and money making sure it looks exactly how you want it to is an investment you should keep in mind. If possible, find your very own barbero to take care of your mane. Also, if you’re planning to keep your hair long, be responsible. Shampoo it, condition it, set a treatment date with the girlfriend. Girly as it sounds, your hair is your crowning glory. And make sure that you take care of your scalp, too. 

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7) Change your towels, pillowcases, and bed sheets regularly

No matter how top notch your grooming routing may be, it will all go down the drain if you dry your face and body with gross, unwashed towel. The same general principle applies to your sheets and pillowcases: If you don’t take the time to clean them regularly, then you’re essentially sleeping encased in a cocoon of daily sweat, germs, and oil. And oh, you don't want your woman to be turned off by your smelly sheets, so change it stat. #CuddleWeather

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8) Breathe in, breathe out

Stress has really shitty effects on your skin and hair. Remember the time when you had a presentation and you were super stressed because of the freakin’ deadline? Your face started breaking out, right? That’s because stress can cause everything, from oily skin and irritation to straight-up breakouts, as well as worsen any pre-existing conditions you might have. So if you’re planning to keep looking as good as you can for as long as you can, find a way to either avoid stress or manage it.


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