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8 Tips On Shaving The Right Way
You don't wanna make a bloody mess out of your face!
| Feb 6, 2015
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One of the most obvious differences of men and women is facial hair. As young boys, we always wished we could grow a magnificent ‘stache or a full beard so that we could look more grown up. You’d probably be the most maangas kid in the fifth grade if you had some hair growing on your face.

However, as we grow older, we get a better sense of how the ‘stache fits us; does it make us more imposing as men, or does it just make us look like a homeless person? Belonging to the latter group means that it would be best to shave it clean so that you could remind your colleagues that you’re not begging for alms.

On your quest back to a clean-shaven face, here are some tips that could help you keep it from becoming a bloody mess:  


1. Get the right tools

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 You need a fresh, sharp blade to get things done. Single-blade razors can get the job done, but multi-blade cartilage razors can get it done easier. Don’t skimp on shaving foams or gels either, as they help in lubricating your face and keeping your whiskers soft and ready for cutting.


2. Take it slow

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If we can spend an average of about 12 minutes doing something else, how can we not have time for shaving? Rushing will only irritate your face rather than clean it. Make the necessary preparations before shaving. 


3. Get it wet

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Getting it wet makes things easier when you do your thing. Of course, by “it” we mean your face, and we’re still talking about shaving. To open your facial pores, it’s best to wash your face with hot water (shaving after a hot shower works too) before applying shaving foams or gels. When you apply shaving foams or gels, it would be best to let it sit for about a minute or two so that your whiskers are soft and lubricated well enough and ready for you to do your thing. 

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4. Use Protection

When you shave, you don’t only get rid of facial hair, but also some layers of your skin. Soap and water don’t always cut it.

For clean, smooth shaves, getting the right shaving foam or gel will do wonders for your face. If you think those things are expensive, Schick Shave Guard Gel will tell you otherwise. At only Php 199.00 for a 200ml can of Schick Shave Guard Sensitive Aloe Gel, you get a product that helps prevent irritation and dryness of skin due to the gentle formula used. Meanwhile, the Schick Shave Guard Sensitive Lime Foam sells for only Php 159.00 per 200ml can and has moisturizing components mixed with a gentle formula to help soothe and protect your skin from razor burn. It also has a 60ml can that sells for only Php 89.00!


5. Stroke it just right

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Don’t shave it all on one go, this isn’t like your girlfriend waxing her legs. Use short strokes starting from the sides, then the moustache area, before moving on to the chin area. Always shave in the direction of your hair growth, as it helps avoid skin irritation.


6. Pick the right spots

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Work from the outside of your cheek toward the inside. Finish up with around three strokes—outside, middle and inside. Move from the innermost part of your cheek past the side of your nose and then diagonally to shave above your lip.

After shaving both cheeks, next comes the throat. On your throat, shave with the grain. Check carefully, because the grain runs in different directions for different people. Next shave the parts of your chin that you missed when shaving your cheeks. Follow the line of your chin, shaving from outside to inside.

The last places to shave are the area below your nose and the triangular area below your lips. First, shave the area below your lips, going against the grain. It’s best to shave this part just once, rather than going over it several times with a razor.

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7. Careful on the sensitive parts

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Be gentle. The spot below your nose is the most delicate. Shave away the triangular patch that remains, gently and going with the grain. Also, your face line is over the bone of your chin. You can hurt yourself by using a blade over the top of a hard bone, and that area is hard to shave, so stretch the skin over toward your cheek to move the part you want to shave away and on top of the bone.


8. Keep it clean

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In between shaving, wash your blade in running water to wash away cut hair and excess foam or gel. This should help the blade perform its task more efficiently. After shaving, make sure to rinse your blade thoroughly. Don’t wipe the blade with a tissue or a towel, as it makes it dull faster. 

Your tool shouldn’t be the only thing that’s clean. Close out your pores by washing your face with cold water after shaving. It is best to rest your face for a while before applying any kind of lotion or medication. Skin is most sensitive after shaving, so waiting will prevent inflammation or irritation.

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