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A 1-2 Cure for Tired Eyes

<p>You can get them separately, or you can do a double-up cure!</p>
| Apr 26, 2010
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The frequency of your eye-twitch is increasing, your under-eye is seeing a kind of darkness that can rival goth, now, you don’t need your eyes to tell you, or the world, how much you need a vacation right now. [firstpara]
We can’t help you much with the vacation part; you can file your VLs yourself, man. But the part about the tired-looking eyes? Here is a couple quick fixes for that!

1. Vitamin C. That dark under-eye action is caused by iron deficiency. While you can eat all the liver to increase your body’s iron stash and therefore help with the under-eye darkness, you’ll need loads of vitamin C to help your body to absorb the iron.

The quickest way for Vitamin C to take effect, of course, is to apply it directly to the eye area. Vitamin C can also strengthen and rejuvenate the skin, which, incidentally is thinnest around the eyes.

2. Caffeine. Coffee wakes you up pronto, gives you that much-needed zing to your everyday activity. You can drink and immediately, you’ll feel the caffeine working: those morning slits for you have for your eyes open ever-so-slightly, there’s a hopskipandajump to your steps, a hint of a smile is on the way.

But applying caffeine directly to the eye area has its benefits, too: it helps relieve puffiness and the ever-present under-eye dark circles, signs of last night’s revelry and ensuing insomnia.

While these two are easily found in your kitchen, we know you can’t be bothered with DIY home ec-ish projects. You are much too tired. So, a more convenient solution: L’Oreal Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll-On.

Vitamin C and Caffeine are augmented with Peptido-Complex, which sounds Scientific enough to trust, yes? Rest assured, there are more anti-aging, anti-goth, anti-stress stuff in there to make you less like a corporate slave (or less like last night’s causality), and more like a stress-free yuppie.

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