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Here's Your Guide To The Most Popular Hairstyle For Men

It's called the modern pompadour
by Shayne Exito | Apr 16, 2017
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While it may seem that women have the monopoly on wild, exciting hairstyles, there are a lot of cool ‘dos for men too—from man buns to French crops to undercuts. Some styles even have variations, with totally different looks resulting from the same basic cut.

Take the pompadour, for example. Inspired by Madame de Pompadour, this timeless hairstyle was originally only worn by women, but then the The King himself, the late great Elvis Presley, rocked and rolled the ‘do to infamy. Since then, it’s popularity has waxed and waned, but the past couple of years has seen the trend's rise to the top of the hairstyle game. No other cut combines classy and edgy as well as the pompadour, which has managed to change with the times and trends without losing any of its quintessential qualities. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite ways to wear this badass ‘do:

1) The Modern Pompadour

The modern pomp both exaggerates and plays down the original cut’s most defining features—long on top, short on the sides—creating a flattering silhouette that can be worn anytime, anyplace.

Achieving the look:

For this modern twist, make sure you trim the sides gradually, following a more natural slope from the top part of your hair down to your nape. When styling it, work a generous amount of pomade into your hair so that when you lift it up and back with a comb, you get a lot of volume for your quiff. For the topmost layer, we suggest you keep it a bit messy, so use your fingers to brush it back.

2) The Pompadour Fade

If you want a more obvious pomp, then employing a fade is your best bet. The tapered sides will offset the length and weight of your top hair without making your ‘do look off-balanced.

Achieving the look:

You can grow out your top hair quite a bit with this cut, just make sure you maintain a clean fade. As you would with the classic style, carefully roll your hair back away from your forehead. Give your pomp some height by using product, but remember to comb the top neatly if you really want to show off the contrasting lengths.

3) The Rockabilly ‘Do

This one is a throwback to the '50s, and it will definitely make you stand out. If you like making a statement wherever you go, this ‘do is for you.

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Achieving the look:

You really have to commit to this look, since you’ll need a lot of hair and a lot of product to pull it off. Grow your hair until the middle part is at least medium length, but clip the sides short. Then, use a lot of pomade to style the long part upwards and back. You can either go for a retro, rolling quiff or something more contemporary, like a stiff brush up—what matters is that you really give your hair body. 

4) The Side Part Pomp

This look combines the best of both styles: the rebellious volume of the pompadour, and the classy style of the side part. It’s a versatile cut that will make you look sharper.

Achieving the look:

Find your part line (above the tip of your eyebrow is a good place) and separate your hair cleanly in either direction. Concentrate on the side with more hair and apply a good amount of product. Comb outwards to lift your hair, then gently sweep it back—this will get you the curved pompadour shape.

5) The Undercut Pompadour

Since the undercut was introduced, men have tried to incorporate it in as many hairstyles as possible. So of course it was paired with the pompadour, the end product being one of the hottest styles to hit the streets in years.

Achieving the look:

Unlike a skin fade, an undercut has hair that’s uniformly buzzed close to the skin. This not only leads to a great distinction between the top and sides of your hair, it also means styling is a no-brainer as you can just prep your hair as you would to create a normal pomp. A slick back works well with this cut, but a textured swoop is just as attractive.