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A Man's Guide To The Weird Ingredients Of Face Masks

Snails, jellyfish, and horse fat on your face
by Celene Sakurako | Oct 4, 2018
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You’ve probably put on your girl’s face mask for a gag or two–or were forced to–at one point. But face masks aren’t just fun, they can actually battle some of the most common skin care problems for men. And it's a hell of a lot easier to just set and forget a mask versus actually coming up with a routine, going to the derma, and all that noise. 

From oily skin to reducing sun damage, face masks can leave your irritated skin fresher, easier to deal with (in fact, the key to a nice smooth shave is well-moisturized skin), and maybe even more attractive! There's a lot of weird ingredients though, so let us explain these oddities that actually work.

Horse Fat Masks for dry times

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Derived from horse fat, horse oil is full of linolenic acid, which is known for having anti-inflammatory properties that help repair and maintain moisture in the skin. Best for men with dry skin, whip this mask on for as long as 20 minutes to keep dry spots hydrated and non-flaky. Is this what they mean by mukhang kabayo?

Our pick: Skinfood’s Fat Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet  

Snail Masks for former acne sufferers

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The current fave “wtf is that” ingredient of skincare is actually one that has been passed on for decades. Snail mucus revitalizes and tightens loose skin as it encourages cell regeneration. Effective in reducing hyper-pigmentation (development of dark spots), snail masks are great for men who want to fight acne scars, as it can lighten said spots as well.

Our pick: LUKE’s Snail Face Mask

Jellyfish Masks for senior dudes

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For older men who want to get healthier, soft skin, using the jellyfish mask is the best option. Jellyfish extract, with its anti-aging properties, promotes elasticity and moisture in the skin. Put this mask on to attain unbelievably soft, fresh skin and become more lovable than a jellyfish at the very least.

Our pick: Water Angel’s Jellyfish Mask

Red Wine Masks for huge pores

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A popular antioxidant, red wine isn’t only good for drinking, but also great for the skin. If you’re a man who’s looking to reduce enlarged pores, detoxify your skin with a red wine mask that helps remove dead skin, improve blood circulation, and tighten your tired skin.

Our pick: Tony Moly’s I’m Real Red Wine Pore Care Mask Sheet

Gold Masks for outdoorsmen

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If you’re a sporty dude who’s out in the sun for long hours, using a gold mask to heal sun-damaged skin is best. Gold, with its antibacterial properties, slows down collagen depletion, preventing premature aging by nourishing the skin. The best part is it's not presyong ginto.

Our pick: Bare Essentials’ 24K Gold Mask

Chocolate Masks for oily boys

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Sweet enough to give you a toothache, chocolate masks are the go-to for men with oily skin. Another great acne buster, antioxidants in chocolate cleanses and helps protect your skin from UV damage, thus reducing wrinkles and facials scars.

Our pick: LUSH’s Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

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