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This Is The Secret To Getting Rid Of Too Much Hair Wax

You might already have it on your bathroom shelf
by Belle Rodolfo | Aug 21, 2017
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For all of you who back away from a hair product because it’s a pain in the ass to get rid of at the end of the day, we know a quick trick to get stubborn wax/gel/pomade/hairspray out your hair.

But FHM.com.ph, all we have to do is lather up right? And then, if that doesn’t work, just apply more shampoo until we blast every last trace of stickiness away.

Wrong. To soften that product-fortified helmet, all you need is your shampoo. But don;t forget its sidekick: conditioner. And then use them backwards.

You see, conditioner will act like anything you’ve ever used to take out gunk­—we’re guessing you might have gone through baby oil in desperation, but sources tell us people have gone so far as to try lotion and even apple cider vinegar (the latter actually works but is for those with advanced grooming skills because who wants to stash vinegar in the bathroom anyway?).

You ned to use conditioner before shampooing because it’s purpose is to soften hair, and a really good one breaks down the stiffest of coiffures! Borrow from the girls for this one. Trust us, we learned this technique from ballerinas and cheerleaders, and we all know how tight their hairstyles can be!

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