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Are You Cool Enough To Bring Back These 6 Aga Muhlach Hairstyles?

Who's up for the #HairLikeAgaMuhlach challenge?
by Nicole Paglomutan and Brian Anthony Veran | Jul 14, 2016
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Aga Muhlach is the dictionary definition of matinee idol. Dude just killed it back in the day with his boy-next-door looks, finding his niche in love stories and romantic-comedies. Aside from being everyone's favorite leading man, Aga also holds a unique distinction in Pinoy pop culture history: he's a hairstlye icon. From the hi-top fade to the classic mullet all the way to out-Keempee-ing Keempee, Aga had a great handle on his hair. Men who envied how he could make ladies swoon knew that they could never look like him, so they made do with copying his 'do. (The same can be said about Robin Padilla and his kanto-boy-with-a-heart personality.)

Now, a quick Google search will land you some of Aga's most popular hairstyles. But why stop there? Because we aren't called the "try-it-at-least-once" generation for nothing, we're holding you up to a challenge. We're calling it #HairLikeAgaMuhlach. So, any hipster out there hip enough to step away from today's crop of undercuts and side-parting to bring back these styles?

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1) The hi-top fade

Short on the sides but not completely shaved. The top part is cut evenly. Earring not required.

2) The Cachupoy

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Cachupoy was a Filipino comedy legend known for his one-liners and curious choice of haircuts. One of his trademark looks had him parting his short, almost thinning hair in the middle ala Jerry Lewis. In most cases, copying it would earn you a few good bullies. Unless you could rock it like Aga. Short shorts and headband optional.

3) The shaggy pageboy

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This particular haircut was very popular in medieval times, where the hair is grown until the shoulders and thick, with bangs covering the forehead. As evidenced by this photo, it was cool enough to snag a prime Janice de Belen.


4) Mullet 

Similar to the Shaggy Pageboy except the sides are brushed back. Same results when trying to attract Kaila Estrada's mom.

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5) Curtained hair 

Aka the better Keempee. Long, uneven bangs are parted in the middle. The sides and the back are relatively short.

6) Spiky

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You'll remember it from one of those many Jollibee commercials that made you profusely beg your mom to bring home some ChickenJoy. In local parlance, it was called the "dinilaan ng dinosaur" look. Early adaptors took it down a notch by adding frosted tips—it wasn't Aga Muhlach-approved, hence, its ugliness.

So which look can you take on? Don't forget to use #HairLikeAgaMuhlach when posting!


Photo via (Aga Muhlach); (@RuffaRama666, @KCBahaj); (Aga Muhlach and Janice De Belen);


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