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4 Alternatives For Men Who Hate Perfume

Don't waste money on expensive, branded scents
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 27, 2016
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When it comes to catching the attention of the ladies, spritzing yourself with a nice perfume should do the trick. A study conducted by Monell Chemical Senses Center even notes that a woman's attraction is modulated by a man's odor. One sniff can turn her on (or off).

The problem: perfumes can be costly. Luckily, there are alternative ways to make sure you smell great without purchasing those expensive, branded scents.

Check them out below:

1) Go for spray deodorant

Time to ditch roll-on and switch to spray deo. While it works to get rid of the unpleasant odor of your armpits, it can also double as a body fragrance. Just make sure to spray directly on your body as deodorants are only made of six to 15 percent of fragrant oils.

"They comprise a very small percentage of aromatic oils, they do not work if squirted on clothes," the folks over explains. In addition, deos that contain antiperspirant properties are meant for the underarms alone.

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2) Use shower gel

...instead of bar soap. In an interview with, Dr. Jami Miller, a dermatologist at Vanderbilt Univeristy Medical Center, revealed that bar soaps usually dry out skin. "[They] tend to strip the skin's oils and do not replace them. If you use these relatively harsh soaps and your skin becomes dry, you will need to moisturize afterwards."

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Shower gels aren't just gentler, they also smell great. Opt for refreshing citrus and soft floral blends with notes like melon for the same musky smell of your favorite Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.


3) Don't shy away from using lotion

You should consider scented lotion as a perfume alternative, especially if you have dry, scaly skin. Not only will it moisturize your skin, but it will also leave you smelling fresh. Look for body lotions made of jasmine and honeysuckle, as they give off the most intoxicating scent without being too overpowering.

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4) Soak clothes in fabric conditioner

Your clothes have a huge impact on the way you smell. The smell intensifies the longer you remain in your apparel. It's a good move to soak your clothes in a fabric conditioner for a few minutes after the washing process. You don't need to rinse them again—just make sure you hang them up to dry properly under the sun.   

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