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‘Amoy Pauwi Na’ And Other Very Pinoy Personal Hygiene Terms

You’ve used one of these at least once in your life
November 17, 2017
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It’s the year of “werpa” and “petmalu,” but it still remains to be seen if these expressions will become long-term members of our local slang dictionary. The rise of these terms got us thinking about other words in our “rich” local vocabulary, though—in particular, our creative words for matters relating to personal hygiene!


Gray shirt on a hot day or almost any day in our fine tropical country? Prepare for jabar, or excessively visible sweat on your clothing. Jabar is also widely used in verb form to preempt any unwanted observations by admitting, “Jinajabar na ako!”

Amoy araw

It’s not that the sun literally has a smell, but after enough time under its rays, you’ll develop a unique scent that’s a mix of earthy, sweaty, and a tad burnt.


Putok isn’t just B.O.—this funk is so lit, it assaults your nostrils.


An integral part of the Pinoy hygiene lexicon. Have you ever wondered what the corresponding English word is? Dirt? Grime? They just don’t have the same weight or consequence as our mothers yelling, “Hala, may libag ka na naman!

Lamang ng isang paligo

Nothing can cut a rival down like boldly declaring, “Lamang lang yan ng isang paligo.” That’s some shower, if you ask us.


Such terms aren’t limited to bodily functions: Witness the ubiquitous and very important tabo. Try explaining what it is to a non-Pinoy without a picture!

Amoy pauwi na

*takes a deep breath* Been a long day, bro? When someone isn’t technically “dirty” but is far from morning fresh, amoy pauwi na is a not-too-harsh term that still cuts deep. We’ve all been there! But you don’t have to be that guy if you prepare!

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