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The FHM Amoy Pogi Guide: 9 Simple Ways To Always Smell Fresh

Do us a favor: Smell your underarm. Don't like what you just got a whiff of? Well, here's FHM to the rescue!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 3, 2014
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You've got your shit sorted out: Awesome kicks, stylish clothes, a clean face, and a 'do worth five stars. You're totally rockin' that porma, bro!

Well and good, but remember: Looking good is just half the job. The other half? Keeping the noses around you pleased, a.k.a. smelling awesome!

tips to smell fresh alwaysGIF via Fmgmoscatoflife.com

Believe us when we say one innocent whiff of stinky air is all it takes to ruin your ego, no matter how solid your style game is. So, to prevent that dreaded thing from happening, we present to you simple ways to smell fresh and good always, may it be on a date or even when you're just going out to buy something at Aling Nena's store!


tips to smell fresh always

Bacteria grows on our skin every time we sweat. And when you wear a tee/jeans/boxers/polo, some of those nasties get transferred to it. Sweat + bacteria = B.O., so your clothes will also be cursed with the stench, especially if you leave it on for longer periods. Don't wait until both you and your getup smell.

Do it: All day, everyday. No exemptions. And no, it doesn't matter if you're just on the sofa 24/7. Is your house a sweat- and bacteria-free zone? Nailed it.


tips to smell fresh alwaysGIF via Splatter.com

Showering is your first defense against growing a bacterial culture on your skin. Plus, it gets rid of the sweat, dirt, and grime you've been harboring since yesterday (or—gasp!—whenever was the last time you took a bath). But you know that already, so we'll be dumbfounded if you're still too stubborn to follow this tip.

Up the killing power: Fragrant soaps and body lotions smell nice, but if you really want to be clean, we recommend lathering yourself with something that has anti-bacterial properties. Kill more of the bad stuff to smell good longer.

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