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Jinri Park's 8-Step Guide to Looking Good

Becoming <em>pogi</em> just got easier with Jinri helping us out<strong><br /></strong>
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 25, 2013
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It’s the inside that counts, they say. But what does it say about a man when he can’t be bothered to prevent himself from looking positively Neolithic? Here’s a theory: he’s sending man back to a time when standing straight, cooking meat, and preventing facial hair from becoming a lion’s mane wasn’t yet in fashion.

The ability to maintain a nice, tidy appearance says a lot about your personality. It says that you’re someone who’s always keen on putting their best foot forward—never arrogant but always with an air of easy confidence.

That’s something the ladies appreciate if you’d take a hint from Jinri Park: “I would love a guy who knows how to take care of himself and how to present himself. What woman wouldn't? It shows he has control over his life and knows where he is going. That's very sexy.”

And any man who wouldn’t want to be considered “very sexy” by everyone’s favorite Koreana is clinically nuts. So how about we take a little crash course on looking good? The 8-step guide below should get you off to a running start.

Step 1: Stay fit
"But I have no time," you say. Push away all the fad diets, and exercises for a moment, and you’ll find that the first step to a less sedentary lifestyle is telling yourself that you want it, and that you’re going to make time for time it. It’s no secret that a good workout gets the happy chemicals out. Jinri herself admits as much: “After I lost some weight, I felt good about myself and had more confidence to do stuff.”

                                                            And here's some hard evidence, ladies and gents.

Step 2: Take care of that mug
Once it was taboo for guys to have a cabinet full of facial products. Now, if we raided your closet and was able to fill an entire backpack of those things, well, we’d still be skeptical. Still, it has become de rigeur for any modern man to skip the common bar soap when washing that face. Made-for-men facial wash (and the occasional face moisturizer to keep it from drying like the Sahara) keeps things at a more refined level. 

Step 3: Keep your face stubble-free
So you’ve kept your face clean, and are about to shave. First, put that knife down before you hurt yourself; why are you even shaving with that? Jinri says, “It would be nice to see a neat and trimmed guy on our first date! It would seem like he is prepared for the date and took time to groom himself before seeing me.” Luckily, the perfect tool is in tow: the Gillette Mach III Sensitive which gives you the closest shave possible in fewer strokes. Saves time, and saves your face from irritation!

Step 4: Go for the smooth finish
There’s actually a bit of art to shaving, and these three easy steps ensure that you come out looking best: apply warm towel on face to soften follicles; short, smooth strokes work best for an even, clean finish; to avoid irritation, reduce friction with lubrication like what the Mach III Sensitive’s enhanced green Lubrastrip (Turbo) with Aloe Vera does.

Go ahead and give your newly-shaved chin-and-jaw a feel. Like getting a good haircut, getting a good shave boosts your confidence. Confidence is necessary, Jinri says, if you want to make a strong impression. “With confidence, you become a more outgoing person who’s not scared of trying new things, and challenges, which in turn, also makes you feel good about yourself!”   

                                                  Above: how you'll look if you followed those steps correctly.

Step 5: Avoid that funky odor
A well-groomed man doesn’t just look pleasing to the eye, but also pleasant to the nose. In fact, when we asked Jinri how she defines a “well-groomed man,” she was quick to reply that he’s someone with “clean, smooth skin with no stubbles, and smells good!”

Step 6: Fancy, but not too fancy
”There’s a look to every occasion,” says Jinri on the topic of porma. For her, this is the key, for men and women alike, to dressing impeccably. If you’re taking a woman to a fancy restaurant, match that place’s vibe with something dressy. Meanwhile, if it’s just a Sunday romp in the city, go for a casual, easy-going look. Going to a nice, lounge-y bar in the metro? Well, when in doubt, just take Barney Stinson’s advice, and suit up!

                                                                            And the Stinson-man agrees!

Step 7: Be yourself
A big part of looking good, as mentioned above, is confidence. And a man who can be himself is the mark of a confident dude. Jinri goes: “Don't force yourself to be ‘someone Jinri would like; just be you. If we have similarities, that's great! If we are different that's great too. When you are 100% yourself, your confidence will shine through naturally.”

Step 8: And finally, be yourself (only funnier)
Being yourself is fine and dandy. But being a version of yourself who can take and dish a good joke is even better! “Make me laugh!” Jinri demands! “Seriously though, just have fun! Just go with the flow and don't over-think it,” she finishes.

So if ever you find yourself on a date with a woman as good-looking as Jinri, just remember that all it takes is a dash of style, a serving of suave, and a  stroke of confidence to look good yourself. Keep things light and funny, and keep the face smooth and clean, and you just might prove that you're a keeper.

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