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Slick Athlete’s Haircuts You Can Ask Your Barber To Copy

With these looks, you'll be winning at life in no time
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 14, 2018
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Sometimes we get low-key self-conscious if the hair peg we give our barber is some popular artista. Like, don't reach young blood, you know? Copping a sports idol's look though, now that's something every guy can get behind. Here are a few slick cuts from some of your favorite sports heroes that you won't be ashamed of ripping off because, honestly, they're winning looks. 

Gordon Hayward’s Slickback

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Undercuts can get a little unruly on court, especially if your hair is just a bit too long. If you need an illustration of the perfect length to shoot for, check out the Celtics forward’s hair snaps—you never see Hayward swiping his roots out of his eyes!

Jimmy Butler’s Fade

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If you’re blessed with a curly top, then you can cop Jimmy Butler’s easy-to-wear fade. Clean on the sides, party on top—kind of reminds us of the Lonzo Ball’s old hair but less crazy, you know?

Jeremy Lin’s Dreads

Ever have that burning desire to get dreadlocks? Jeremy Lin probably did and, unlike many of us, he actually went out and got them. There is no secret sauce to getting some dreads aside from length, so this look can be yours too whatever your hair type. Lin being Asian also makes it that much easier to imagine matching whatever is on his head to ours.

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Sergio Ramos’ Crop

Moving on to ballers who use their feet, Sergio Ramos and his clean cut is a style worth emulating. The nice thing about this do is that even though he has facial hair on point (like a lot of athletes recently tbh) you can pull off this hairstyle without necessarily growing out some sick stubble to go with it.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Combover

Another Real Madrid hair god is current world’s best player Ronaldo and his sharp combover. If you aren’t afraid to go for a hairstyle that requires maintenance and a legit pomade budget, take your cue from his ever-perfect mane. He also likes to subtly change his look every now and then, so you’ll always have something new to show at the barber once you start getting bored.

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Terrence Romeo’s Long Hair

You actually still need a barber if you want some long hair like Romeo. Make a habit of trimming your ends every now and then to keep your grown-out hair healthy and split-end free!

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