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Why You Should Wish For Bagnet As Your Final Meal

Cheers to a dish that we'd gladly die for!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 24, 2014
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Aah, bagnet. Never have we eaten something so sinful. This double-deep-fried goodness produces a party in our mouths and an emergency in out hearts.

Yet we continue to eat it. The Ilocano pork dish is deep fried with salt for about three hours until it softens. After which, it is taken out of its deep, sinful vat of lard (translation: its own mantika) and left to settle—maybe even shake off some of its artery-clogging oil. Then it's brought gently back to the still-boiling pool of oil for maximum crispiness. Double dips FTW!

Just writing about it makes our heart race.

Watching it cook makes our heart, well, racier.


For now though, let's put aside all our heart-attack fears and simply bow down and hail this mighty pork dish. We pay tribute to the crispy goodness of The Bagnet by listing down our reasons why it'll be our meal of choice if ever we were asked to choose our final meal.

1) You're about to die anyway

With a huge portion of the bagnet being made of pure fat, a fair serving of the meal is sort of the equivalent of eating a jumbo fast food burger...TWICE...with upsized drinks and fries.

After such a meal, most of us would likely want to embrace the cold grip of death.

However, in the case of anyone that's down to their last meal, like, say, a person on death row, it's a wish that would be granted soon anyway!

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