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5 Bathroom Essentials You Need To Steal From Your Girlfriend

Fear her wrath...but feel oh-so-clean while doing so!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 7, 2016
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If you've ever been to the toiletries section of the grocery store, you've surely noticed that there's a wide-range of bathroom products for the opposite sex. Sometimes you can't help but wonder why women have such a large arsenal of bath products to choose from. Rather than seek out an answer for a seemingly unanswerable question, take our advice: give those fancy hair and body products a try.

"Nearly a third of men steal beauty products from their other halves," reveals a survey published in international news website Telegraph.

That being said, here's a list of things worthy of stealing from your girlfriend when you're in the shower:

1) Conditioner

Think shampoo is enough? Wrong! Conditioner is necessary, especially if you regularly apply wax, gel, or any other nasty chemicals in your hair.

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"The conditioner is an essential step for all type of hair as it detangles the hair and forms a protective coating on the cuticle," writes Dr. Surbhi, MD Skin in A study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatologists adds that conditioner can "flatten the cuticle scales over the hair shaft, reducing the friction between hair fibers, increasing the reflectance of light which improves shine and color." 

2) Foot file

If you don't have the guts to go to a salon and sit next to some pretty ladies for a foot spa, here's what you need to do. Keep your feet smooth and kalyo-free using your girl's foot file. While both feet are wet, scrape the rough areas. Don't rush and put too much pressure as it might do more harm than good. Apply moisturizer to make it feel softer if you want to. She might hate you right after, though.

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3) Body wash

Time to switch to shower gel! Jami Miller, MD, a dermatologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, warns that plain, scented bar soaps usually dry out skin. "[They] tend to strip the skin's oils and do not replace them. If you use these relatively harsh soaps and your skin becomes dry, you will need to moisturize afterwards." Body wash is way gentler. It keeps your skin moisturized and less-prone to irritation.  

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4) Body scrub

There are several body scrubs available in the market—from herbal, milk, salt, and more. It has always been a part of your girlfriend's shower routine because it exfoliates dead skin cells and paves the way for fresh new cells to generate. Your skin will be smooth as a baby's butt in no time!

5) Loofah

More popularly known as a bath sponge, this net-like structure helps remove dirt that's invisible to the naked eye."The shower environment is a nice, humid environment—there's not a lot of air circulation, and it's a great place for bacteria to hang out," explains Esther Angert, Ph.D., in an interview with the Huffington Post. So make sure to clean your gal's loofah on a regular basis, as it can become a breeding ground for gross microbes.

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