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The Sexiest Smelling Drugstore Perfumes Under P300, According To Women

We also like to call this: How to smell irresistible while on a budget
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 24, 2018
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Do you want to know how you can make a lasting impression without even talking or doing anything? Just make sure that you smell great. Whether it’s that just-got-out-of-the-shower-scent or a sexy musky smell women fall head over heels for, smelling good is the first step to making that connection. Trust us, our lady friends told us so.

And aside from letting us in on that secret, we also took advantage of the opportunity and asked the ladies to choose the sexiest fragrances that they like on men that are under the P300 mark. Let's face it, not all of us can afford buckets of D&G and Calvin Klein on the regular.

Below are some of the scents that drove them wild:

Blackwater Aqua


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“I love a man’s after-shower smell, and Blackwater Aqua has that bottled up. Clean and fresh na parang bagong ligo lang. Effortless. ” – Ana, 28

P120 for 120 ml

Axe Body Spray Dark Temptation


“Dark Temptation lives up to its name—it’s TEMPTING. Whenever my boyfriend sprays this on himself, I can’t help but take a whiff (and a bite sometimes ha-ha!) of him. Dessert is served, sabi ko nga every time he uses this.” – Abby, 26

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P200 for 150 ml

adidas Ice Dive Deo Body Spray

“This one is the best summer scents for me. It has that cool citrusy smell, so it’s best suited for today’s hot weather. Plus, it lasts long even if he’s been under the sun for hours.” – Michelle, 30

P190 for 150 ml

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Old Spice Wolfthorn Body Spray


This one is strong and sexy. It also smells like we need to go home early, ha ha! Dagdagan mo pa ng Old Spice deodorant, good to go na!” – Joy, 27

P240 for 106 g

BENCH Sure Blue

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“This oldie-but-goodie never fails to turn me on. Reminds me of clean white sheets and white cotton shirts. Smells malinis. This is a great choice if you just want to simply smell nice, not strong and perfume-y.” – Jen, 25

P288 for 50 ml

Aficionado F10

“F10 is Aficionado’s version of Hugo Boss’ Energize. If you can’t afford the original, try this one out. The woody scent is so masculine. Amoy lalakeng-lalake.” – Janina, 26

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Around P150 for 60 ml

Penshoppe Lovestory

“This one has a well-balanced blend of fruity and floral notes. Light and refreshing, perfect for everyday use. l love how it smells on my partner—actually, I love the smell of this on me as well!” – Shiela, 24

P189 for 150 ml

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