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The Ideal Hairstyles For Round-Faced Men

Keep it high and tight
by Shayne Exito | May 31, 2017
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Just because a particular haircut is popular doesn’t mean you should immediately get it for yourself. The truth is, not every style will suit you—and this goes for everything, from your hair, to your clothes, to the type of perfume you spray on.

When choosing a hairstyle, the most important thing you have to consider isn’t what’s currently trendy, but what will flatter your face shape. Typically, men with round faces have the hardest time finding a cut that will suit their mugs, as most ‘do’s better compliment the long lines and sharp angles of square, oval, and rectangular faces.

But your time has come, round-faced men of the world! The hottest hairstyles hitting the streets right now all have the elements that will work for you, so take this as the push you needed to step up your hair game.

Just what elements are we talking about? Well, the rule of thumb for round-shaped faces is to keep it high and to keep it tight (and ironically, no, we don’t mean the famous military ‘do). What we mean is: when you have a round face, you need to square it up. In other words, you gotta add angles and length to your face with cuts tapered cleanly on the sides but with a lot of volume on top. Sound familiar?

Of course, if that sort of silhouette isn’t what you’re going for, you can also play around with asymmetrical and angular fringes to give dimension to your face. The point is to break up the roundness, and there are a number of ways you can do that. While we won’t necessarily say the sky’s the limit for you, round faced men do have a lot of options nowadays, such as:

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1) The Faux Hawk

When you have a round face, what you need the most is some definition. One daring ‘do that will really do this is the faux hawk. The high spikes coming together at the top of your hair will make your face longer and counter the wideness of your cheeks, creating flattering angles on your mug.

How to get it:

As long as you have at least 3-4 inches of top hair, you can pull this look off. To make the faux hawk more noticeable though, trim the sides and back shorter.

To get this style, you need to apply a holding product (wax, pomade, or gel) to damp hair. Comb it inwards first, then comb it up. Press your hair between your palms to form the style’s characteristic point. Afterwards, you can run your hands through the standing hair to make it less neat and more rebellious.

2) The Brush Up

Very similar to the faux hawk, the brush up also introduces volume to the top of your hair. Unlike with the faux hawk though, the brush up isn’t narrowed down, and you can pull up more hair into messy spikes and tufts.

How to get it:

Once again, you’ll need at least 3 inches; for this style though, the longer the hair, the more volume you can create, the better!

To get your hair into a brush up, apply product to slightly damp hair, then blow dry it in an upward direction. This will give your ‘do the lift it needs to stand up high. Add texture to it by scrunching and combing up with your fingers.


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3) The Angular Side Fringe

The side fringe is actually a hidden gem of a haircut as it sharply contrasts with the soft slopes of a round face. Unfortunately, it earned a bit of a bad rep back in the early 2000’s. And we won’t lie, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself misstepping back into your emo days of yore. Amazingly though, just a subtle change in length and styling has transformed this once-mocked ‘do to something edgy and adventurous.

How to get it:

Do what you want with the sides and back of your hair, but make sure your barber cuts your bangs at an angle. Keep the lengths varied so that it’s less likely to fall smoothly flat on the side of your face (which should definitely not be the look you’re going for!).

Get your hair to stay in place with product. Try to always keep it to the side, because a front fringe will not work on round faces; in fact, it’ll just emphasize the wideness of your features.

4) The Vertical Cut

Here’s another style that is all about volume. True to it’s name, your hair gets pulled up into an effortlessly debonair look. The height will elongate your whole face, especially if your keep your sides neat.

How to get it:

This time despite it’s name, you don’t actually need to get your cut in any particular way for this style. Like the other styles though, you’ll best be served by hair kept long on top and short on the sides and back.

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To create this classy up do, introduce a generous amount of product to damp hair. Gently pull it back and up with your fingers, until you’ve reached a height you’re comfortable with. Then run a wide-toothed comb through the top, smoothing it out until the entire length is loosely slicked back. For a more messy finish, just continue using your fingers instead of a comb.

5) The Modern Pompadour

Because of the way it’s cut, there’s really no better style for round-faced men than the modern pompadour. The tall hairdo works wonders to give structure to circular features, bringing out the best angles and drawing attention away from the rest. A hard side part also adds sorely lacking lines and definition.

How to get it:

Get the sides of your hair buzzed down to a taper or fade. Keep the top long, but manageable: 3 inches at the very least, but 5-6 inches will get your a pomp that’ll really stand out.

Now, the pompadour requires a bit of tricky handwork. First, you need to rub in a good amount of product into your hair, then you need to comb it back. If you like your side parting to show, keep the long hair combed neatly away from the short sides. Next, use your comb to slowly lift and roll back the front part of your hair, creating the distinctive shape. It might take some practice before you can achieve a neat enough pomp that you’re satisfied with, but trust us, this is a style that will do your round face justice.

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