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The Best Men's Hairstyling Products Under P350

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by Khatrina Bonagua | Apr 18, 2017
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Hair always looks sleek right after a visit to your barber of choice, but how do you keep it well-groomed in the upcoming days? To help maintain your mane, your best bet is a trusty line of hair essentials that can aid you in achieving that desired style.

Below are some reliable must-haves that won't burn a hole in your wallet: 

1) Man Pomade PH Classic

One of the best local strong hold pomades, the Classic is perfect for thick, wavy, or straight yet resistant hair. Not only will it keep any hairdo firmly in place, it also has lesser shine, in case you don't want to look like your head was licked by a cow. Unlike a lot of hair products, this one is water-based. Plus, it has a pleasing scent that lasts all day.

Price: P350 (50g)

2) Bench Fix Clay Doh

This Bench standard offers a tight hold and molds your hair into every shape imaginable. It contains beeswax (a great hair moisturizer), which doesn't leave your mop dry and brittle. Just make sure to wash it off your head thoroughly at the end of the day.

Price: P135 (80g)

3) Stylex Styling Gel

Stylex works well with any hair texture, but is ideal for achieving volume (hello, high pompadour!). The product, which is available in three variants (Normal Hold, Strong Hold, and Extreme Hold), is easy to apply and wash off.

Price: Around P50 (125g)

4) Gatsby Treatment Hair Cream

On the other hand, if you aren't fond of the sticky feel that wax and pomade might provide, try Gatsby's Hair Cream. It spreads well on your mane, but still keeps it soft and smooth for easy styling. The Hair Cream also has a fresh spicy citrus fragrance that your girlfriend wouldn't mind catching a whiff of from time to time.

Price: P120 (125g)

5) Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness

If you thought dry shampoos are for women only, you're mistaken. Dove Hair Therapy is made for busy—or just plain lazy—men who are too preoccupied to take a shower before an after-work date. This on-the-go product freshens you up in between washes and even cuts your bathroom time in half. Just spray, style, and you're good to go. 

Price: P299 (5 oz)


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