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4 Grooming Products You Can Steal From Your Girlfriend

Because good hair and great skin isn’t gender-specific
by Marla Miniano | Nov 3, 2016
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Women, with their shiny locks and soft, smooth skin, know that the whole #WokeUpLikeThis, zero-effort movement is an illusion. While most of them will agree with you that natural is always better, you can’t deny that the ladies know how to take care of themselves. They know that sleep, exercise, and hydration are essential to great skin. They know that those eyebags and blemishes won’t erase themselves. And they know, based on countless conversations with their girl friends and too many hours spent stalking beauty trends online, which products to use to help them look their best. That’s why their beauty shelves are a veritable treasure trove of products that promise better skin and a good hair day every day—things you CAN’T say you don’t want. So the next time you spend the night at her place, try taking an interest in the stuff she lets near her face. She’ll be pleasantly surprised, secretly relieved (that flaky, pimple face isn’t ideal TBH), and maybe even feeling generous enough to share.

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Sea salt spray
Keeps your hair in place the way wax and pomade do, but makes it look and feel more touchable. The peppermint fresh scent is a nifty bonus.

Sheet masks
It’s easy to be skeptical of a wet piece of paper you stick onto your face, but trust us, this stuff is life-changing. Choose one with aloe vera to soothe irritated skin (perfect after a beach trip), or tea tree extract to help with acne and oil control.

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Okay, we know you hate sunblock. We do, too. Especially the thick, ultra-white, coconut-smelling kind. But you know what else you should hate? Permanent sun damage and skin cancer. A lightweight formula and a clean scent aren’t too shabby.

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Pimple cream
We can’t stress this enough: Stop. Putting. Toothpaste. On. Your. Zits. This one is inexpensive, doesn’t sting, and dries out those pimples overnight.

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