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6 Buffet Moves for a Happy Holiday

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by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 29, 2011
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When parties don't mean potluck—in which case, they are casual enough for you to not care too much about manners and small talk— they usually mean buffet. But where buffet means a seemingly endless supply of food, buffet dinner parties—office parties, family reunions, the lot you'll be going to this Christmas season— also mean you have to be at your etiquette best. 

Because office parties mean socializing with bosses, family reunions mean meeting relatives you didn’t know existed, elders commanding an intense kind of r-e-s-p-e-c-t. You summon what you know of etiquette. How do you enjoy that presidential table size of food, drinks, and merriment without seeming like a PG?

FHM clues you in on 6 buffet moves you must know to truly have a happy holiday.

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