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These Local Celebs Are Bringing Back The Cachupoy Hairstyle

This notorious look is being given a modern twist
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 28, 2018
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We’re sure that ‘90s kids remember the cachupoy hairstyle. But do you actually know where the word cachupoy came from? Turns out, Cachupoy was a Filipino comedian during the ‘80s. Aside from his comedic prowess, he was also popular for his unique looks, including his trademark hairstyle, which was parted right smack in the middle. It was eventually dubbed the cachupoy hairstyle.

Back then, donning this hairstyle instantly made you look cooler. But as years passed by, slicker hairstyles such as the pompadour and fades took over, making the cachupoy-haired teen stars baduy

But as old-school fashion seems to be making a comeback, today's local celebrities are once again embracing the cachupoy hairstylegrowing their hair and parting down the middle. So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic (or just too lazy to get a haircut), jump into the cachupoy bandwagon. If you need some inspiration, here are celebrities rockin’ the modern version of this style #throwback.

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Carlo Aquino

Since we’re talking about nostalgia, there’s no other man to better represent this craze than the OG cachupoy dude: Carlo Aquino (Patrick Garcia used to be the master of the look—but he’s over the cachupoy now). To make this hairstyle more unique, Carlo added highlights to his dark-colored hair. Just don’t go overboard with the color! Highlights should look as natural as possible—let the sun illuminate your hair naturally.

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Robin Padilla


The “Bad Boy” of Philippine movies looks astig with his messy cachupoy. If you’re going for the I-don’t-give-a-damn look, take it from the expert himself. Lovely chick on the side, optional.


Enrique Gil


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Just part your hair a little to the side and you have the Kapamilya actor’s version of the cachupoy. Try it out and you just might attract your very own Liza Soberano with this unkempt hairstyle.

James Reid

Here’s another modern take on the cachupoy. Just part your hair in the middle, then add texture on the front part by brushing it up for more volume. If you have naturally wavy hair like James, you’re one lucky dude.

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Gil Cuerva

If you've always wanted long hair, now is the best time to do it. But instead of sporting a man bun, part it in the middle instead! Just remember to condition your hair as often as possible if you’re planning to keep it long.

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