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Choosing the right barber's cut

<p>All true, no <span style="font-family: mceinline;"><em>kwentong barbero</em>!</span></p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 10, 2010
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With the recent launch of Titan, the basketball store-slash-barbershop hybrid at Burgos Circle at The Fort, we began to ponder about men’s haircuts.[firstpara] Is it really as simple as plopping down on a chair, relaxing, and letting your barber do the trick?

Of course, it might seem that way. But, you can't expect your barber to know what it is that you want. Or, how to put together what you want and what fits you.

So, it really helps to know a little bit more about haircuts. One thing you really should take note of is the shape of your face.

Different face shapes need different hairstyles. Wven if you’ve safely stuck with a certain haircut over the years, you should read up on our guide below, to know if there’s a different haircut that will make you look even better.

Communicate with your barber, and tell him the kind of cut you want, so you can look better for the girls!

Square faces
Description: Square jawline and chin, straight sides, square-ish forehead.
Examples: Matt Damon, Nick Lachey, David Beckham
The trick: Your hair should be styled in a way that softens your angular facial features. The sides and the arch around the ears should be kept neat and short, while the top part of the hair should be styled a little higher like a faux-hawk style. This way, the face ends up looking slender and leaner.

Round faces
Description: Soft, round jawline. Forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all of similar width.
Examples: Alec Baldwin, Elijah Wood, Jack Black
The trick: Avoid really short styles that emphasize the curve of the head, such as crew cuts. Hairstyles that are puffy and full-looking should be out of your list too as those make your face look even rounder.

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Lean sides, texture and layering on the top, and sharp bangs should balance the roundness and give you a better overall look.

Oval faces
Description: Slightly wider at the forehead than the bottom part of the face. The shape tapers down gently to the chin from the top part. Said to be the ideal face shape for its versatility with almost all kinds of hairstyle.
Examples: Will Smith, Jude Law
The trick: Whether it’s short or long hairstyles, an oval face can carry any classic hairstyle, with great results. Styling the hair away from the face, could be especially flattering.

Avoid thick bangs, which could destroy the balance, as well as hairstyles with a lot of height that make the face look too elongated.

Description: Broad forehead and strong cheekbones; tapers sharply through the jawline, punctuated with a pointy chin. 
Examples: Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling
The trick: To lessen the prominence of the width of the forehead, have the hair styled in such a way that the top and sides near the temples are cropped close. Having a hairstyle that’s high at the top will make the forehead look bigger and only accentuate the pointy chin. Bangs that sweep to one side, and a beard can help make the jawline look wider and the chin look less pointy.

Description: Long like the triangular face, only in this case, the width of the forehead is around the same width as the jawbone.
Examples: Eminem, Keifer Sutherland
The trick: Don’t grow yor hair long because that will make your face look even longer. Instead, go for full sides coupled with a short, neat top to balance out the length of the face.

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Layering, bangs, and styling the hair in such a way that it can be swept forward gives further balance and draws attention away from the face length. A well-groomed beard can provide balance as well, while a moustache can help break up the length of the face too.



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