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Here Are All The Answers To Your Perplexing Hair Care Questions

Keep your crowning glory in check!
by Shayne Exito | Jul 11, 2017
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In the immortal words of Elle Woods (your girl has made you sit through at least one viewing of Legally Blonde, we’re sure), the rules of hair care are simple and finite.

But not every man is well-versed in these so-called rules, no matter how straightforward they are. Without a doubt, many fellas have ended up scratching their head in confusion over how to take care their hair. Since we wanted to help out these poor dudes, and encourage more serious grooming habits in general, we’ve decided to answer some of the most common hair questions out there.

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1) How often should you shower?

Since we live in a tropical country, and therefore have a higher chance of getting sweaty, sticky, and stinky, it’s a good idea to shower on the reg. That being said, avoid going overboard—don't shower multiple times a day because you’ll end up stripping your hair of its natural oils. A daily shower will keep your hair as clean as it can be. 

2) Should you condition your hair every day?

Here’s the thing: shampoo cleans your hair and scalp by removing dirt and oil. This the reason why guys who are prone to oily hair should wash regularly. Do it in moderation, as too much shampoo can actually make the sebaceous glands in your scalp produce more oil.

Conditioner, on the other hand, does as it’s name implies—it conditions your hair. It does this by replacing the lost oil, soothing the strands and making them smoother and more manageable. Now, while it’s not absolutely necessary to condition your hair every day, you’ll get the best results if you use it often, at least 3-4 times a week.

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Pro-tip: Avoid conditioning near your roots (or at least, rubbing it right into your scalp) as this can make your hair look limper and oilier. Instead, focus on getting the stuff on the ends of your hair.


3) What causes hair loss?

If it’s not because of sudden sickness or stress, hair loss is mainly due to an unbalanced diet. When you’re body is not getting the nutrition it needs, and therefore isn’t as healthy and strong as it can be, your hair gets equally affected. Weak follicles means more breakage, which is why you wake up to find a pillow riddled with hair strands every morning. Of course, genetics can also be a factor, especially if your body produces and processes hormones (or hormone byproducts like DHT, the main culprit behind Male Pattern Baldness). In general though, a healthy lifestyle will give you better chances of a headful of hair.

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4) How do you figure out what hair cut looks good on you?

Hairstyles may come and go, but your face shape will stay with you forever. When deliberating over which new haircut you should ask for at the barber’s, make sure you take your face shape into consideration. What your face shape is (round, diamond, oval, oblong, triangular, or square) determines what kind of cut looks good on you. As long as you know your face shape, you can pick out a style that will help balance out your features, flattering the best parts and pulling attention away from the rest.

5) How much product should you put on your hair?

A good starting point is a dollop around the size of a centavo, regardless of product. Apply this to your hair (start at the roots for best control) then just add more when necessary. The more hair you have, the more product you’re going to need to style it. Take note: different products have different rules. Some products, like gel, will give you a stronger hold the more you add on. Others, like creams, become less effective the more you apply. 

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