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4 Commuter Friendly Hairstyles Capable Of Surviving Manila's Rush Hour

Don't let LTFRB's crazy decisions get the best of you
by Shayne Exito | Aug 18, 2017
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Commuting in the Philippines is not a very comfortable activity. More often than not, you end up squished between other passengers, standing on aching feet the whole journey through, and sweating like a pig.

By the time you get off the bus or jeep or train, you’ll likely look like a hot mess. For many, sweat-drenched clothes, a sore body, and a wind-burned face aren’t the only things they end up with after a ride. Unfortunate hair is also a very possible consequence of the commuting experience.

Sure, you could still fix your hair afterwards, but that can be such a hassle, especially if you need to look presentable as soon as you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, until our public transportation improves, that’s an inconvenience most have to deal with on the regular.

However, a well-chosen hairstyle can lessen the problem. If you’re sick of ending up with bad hair after commuting, consider getting these ‘dos:

1) The Ivy League

Essentially a crew cut that’s just long enough up top to form a side part, the Ivy League is one of those timeless cuts that never go out of of style. For the commuting gent, it’s the perfect mix of practical (since it’s short enough to keep your neck uncovered) and classy (it’s a true-blue classic ‘do) that will let you step out of that packed train car with nary a hair out of place.

Style tip: Keep things casual by creating your side part with your fingers, not a comb. This way, even when it gets a bit dislodged by your commute, it won’t look so obviously ruined. 

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2) The Scissor Cut Fringe

If you like your hair at a certain length and don’t want to hold it down with product, then the best way to stay stylish is to embrace the messy look. For dudes who ride jeepneys and tricycles, and who have to put up with the wind beating your faces and tossing your hair every which way, this might be your only option. Don’t fret though—there’s a curious appeal to the disheveled look. 

Style tip: You don’t actually have to go around with a head of wild hair for this look. A scissor-cut is your best bet to an artfully messy fringe, but you can keep the rest of your hair in place by having your barber trim the sides and back to a neat length.


3) The Comb Back

This hairstyle is more forgiving to your hair than the traditional slickback. A textured and loose style will let you keep your hair out of your sweaty face (an inevitability when you’re commuting via overcrowded vehicles) without it being packed down with product. Even better, if it does end up tousled after your trip, it’s easy to put it back in place. Just a casual sweep back of your hand should do the trick.

Style tip: Avoid using too much product when creating this style. When you’re sweating buckets already, the last thing you want to feel is greasy hair product running down your face.

4) The Man Bun

If you still like riding the long hair trend (or simply can’t be bothered to get a haircut), the most commute-friendly style for you is a man-bun. You’ll want to keep those heavy, long locks off your neck so you won’t overheat. Just make sure to keep your ‘do neat and tidy by tightly securing the bun. Messy clumps of hair sticking to your skin is neither comfortable nor attractive.

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Style tip: So your hair doesn’t look oily after a sweaty ride on the train, make sure you dry it thoroughly before pulling it up in a bun.

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