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New Dapper And Daring Hairstyles To Try This July

Another new month calls for a new cut!
by Shayne Exito | Jul 5, 2017
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Weather in the second half of 2017 has been unpredictable so far. While days typically start hot and muggy, we can expect anything from light showers, to foggy rain, to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hailstorms by the time nighttime comes around.

But just because the weather is so out of whack doesn’t mean your hair shouldn’t be as fly as possible, gents. That being said, here are three hairstyles that will weather the weather with you this July:

1) Loose Pomp

The pompadour is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends of the last few years and it doesn’t look like it’ll lose steam any time soon! While there are many ways to pull off the style, from the classic incarnation to the modern twist to the wild rockabilly ‘do of yesteryear, if you want to look effortlessly debonair, the loose pomp will serve you best.

How to get it:

All pompadours have to be cut long on top and short on the sides. No need for an undercut for this look, though, just a gradual decrease in length from the top down.

How to style it:

Use a hairdryer to blow your back and up until it’s reached an acceptable height. Apply product then use a comb to lightly smooth back the uppermost layer of hair until neat. Using your fingers or the tapered edge of your comb, pull out a few locks of hair and let them fall naturally for that classily disheveled appeal. Keep the rest of your hair in place by running the comb through it again and applying another layer of product.


2.) Spiky Quiff with Highlights

Spikes have made a major comeback, and so have defined highlights. Since the last time these two trends hit the streets together, boy bands were aplenty, so certain care must be taken to avoid looking like a '90s reject. That means a definite hell-no to frosted tips and anime spikes.

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How to get it:

Scissor cut the top half of your hair (2-4 inches long), but have your sides and back tapered to keep them under control. Ask for warm highlights, preferably only for the longer strands up front.

How to style it:

Towel dry your hair and run product through it. Then, use your fingers (or a wide-toothed comb) to style your hair into spikes, pulling forward.

3) Razor Cut Designs

If you’re already maintaining an undercut or high fade, consider getting razor designs the next time you head to the barber’s. The trend has proven to be a pretty cool way to add extra edge (and artistry) to your look. Just don’t ask for an over-the-top and ridiculous design that no one can take seriously!

How to get it:

Before you sit back and relax, confirm that you and your barber are on the same wavelength about the design that’s going to be razor cut into your scalp. While it’s easy enough to shave away if you’re not happy with the final outcome, that just seems like a waste of time of effort, don’t you think?

How to style it:

Any ‘do that pairs well with an undercut will look good with this cut. Just make sure to comb your hair away from the sides of your head so you can really show off the designs. Keep the style fresh with frequent barbershop visits.

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