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Dentures of habit

<p>Show <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">your teeth </span>some love!</p>
| Aug 12, 2009
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Before subscribing to all these get-better, look-better brouhaha, let's go back to the basics of good grooming. One of the most over-looked, often neglected part of good grooming? Why, the teeth, of course. After a good inuman, it is so much easier to skip the sink and head straight to sleep, no? Never mind the stinkbomb from your mouth the morning after. Which you'll prolly have to live with till lunchtime because you'll prolly wake up late, too.

It's a bad habit we all need to kill pronto. And so, a four-point plan you can follow to give your teeth some much-needed, well-deserved TLC.

1. Look at your 'brush. Is the head almost bald in the middle, with the bristles spread wide apart? If yes, you're a heavy brusher. Which means you're destroying the tooth enamel. Which means your pearly whites are more prone to stains. Opt for a flexible-headed toothbrush. This will neutralize the force from your hebigat hands.

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2. Clean. Before going through brushing your teeth, soak it in a mouthwash for about a minute. This will kill harmful germs.

3. Whiten. Stained from too much coffee and cigarettes? Use a whitening toothpaste.

4. Get cheesy. Cheddar coats the enamel with sugar-resistant substances for a good five hours. Most cheese has phosphate and casein so calcium is strengthened to fill potholes and rid away plaque.

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