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Does Washing Your Face Actually Make You Oilier?

Depends on what you use!
by Belle Rodolfo | Aug 1, 2017
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Let us just point out the biggest mistake of the oily: using soap to wash their faces. You see, soap is made for heavy-duty scrubbing, even more so if it’s a specifically “for men” bar. We are a generally oilier bunch compared to women, so most grooming products targeted towards us all try to do one thing: strip your skin of its oils for that fresh matte (non-shiny) feel.

What most of us don’t know, though, is that the face naturally has a mantle of oils and good bacteria. If you strip all the oil and bacteria, good or bad, then you’re leaving your face not just vulnerable to more germs but it triggers overproduction of oil. Cue that familiar feel after you wash up: you feel all matte and great, and then bam it feels like you can solve the planet’s energy crisis with your face oils.

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That’s because your pores will restart oil production on overdrive–it feels like it needs to compensate for the arid state your run-of-the-mill soap has left your skin in. Besides, that soap you normally use probably touched your ass at some point, so why not get a proper facial wash for your mug?

1) CLINIQUE Oil Control Face Wash For Men (P1250, Rustan’s)

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Fragrance free, if shudder at the thought of having a face that smells!?

2) L’OREAL Men Expert Pure & Matte Bright Charcoal Black Foam (P195, supermarkets)

If you want to be extra matte with a side order of more even skin

3) MARIO BADESCU Botanical Facial Gel (P1000, Rustan’s)

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A non-soap, non-foaming gel cleanser that we can’t pronounce.

4) M?D?S Nautic Face Wash and Scrub (P250, Beauty Bar)

An efficient cleanser that also hydrates.

5) HUMAN NATURE Balancing Facial Wash (P199.75, Rustan’s)

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Has little subtle scrubs in it, but not too soapy. Smells great, too!

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