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4 Ways You Can Help Your Hair Survive Summer

The heat spares no strand
by Chise Alcantara | Apr 13, 2016
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While summer may be the season of fun, it does come with its own dangers. Heat stroke and sunburn are always a threat, but today let's talk about one of the most neglected parts of a guy’s body: his hair.

You know how to style it but do you know how to keep it healthy? You put so much time making sure you look nice, but don't forget that the products you use do next to nothing in terms of protection. So before frolicking at the beach, take a look at the tips we’ve gathered from hairstylists and hair experts to make sure your mane won’t get in the way of all that summer fun.

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1) Keep it off your face

True, having long wavy hair makes it easy to flirt with your crush but it could also lead to having a very oily face. Our hair naturally produces more secretions during summer because of the hot weather, which naturally means more oil and grime dripping down your face. With long hair, your bangs constantly threaten to irritate your skin.

Janina Dizon, professional hairstylist and makeup artist, has a practical suggestion: Keep it short. Not only will it keep the hair out of your face, it's also literally cooler for your head.


2) Avoid certain alcohol-based products

Dry and frizzy hair will always be a problem during the summer. You exacerbate the situation by using products with a certain type of alcohol. An article on has an easy-to-remember guide: “Say yes to the alcohols that start with ‘c’ and ‘s’ [like] Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol.” These act as natural oil conditioners for your hair and doesn’t really dry them. On the other hand, “stay away from ones that include ‘prop’ in their name [like] Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol, and SD alcohol 40.”

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3) Give your scalp some sun protection

If you think that your skin is the only thing that needs sunblock, then you are gravely mistaken. Scalp burn is a very real, annoying, and painful thing. However, it is also easy to avoid. Just put some targeted sun protection for hair and scalp which you can spray on or apply as a mousse. Here's another solution from Janina: wear a cool, fashionable hat. Easy-peasy. 

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4) If you do, however, experience scalp burn, treat it right away

Scalp burn is easily treated according to hair expert David Alexander on He provides some easy suggestions on how to take care of your damaged scalp:

a) Be gentle when styling or washing your scalp to not aggravate the damage even more and slow down the healing process. “Use a soft bristle brush when styling (or style with your fingers) and use only fingertips when gently shampooing your hair,” says Alexander.

b) “To replenish moisture, a good moisturizing conditioner and an aloe vera spray will help soothe [the healing scalp]."

c) We’ve all been guilty of this during the sunburn pealing process but please “don't scrub or pick at your scalp as this can lead to damage and infection,” he advises.


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