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Stay Pogi With These Green, Planet-saving Grooming Products Under P250

Guaranteed eco-friendly and effective
by Pauline Lacanilao | Oct 4, 2017
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Grooming always involves flushing a whole load down the drain at the end of the day—and sometimes the cleaning products are actually worse biological offenders than the dirt they wash away. It’s possible to clean up without wrecking the environment though, and it need not break the bank (because you were thinking that of course).

1) Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Price: P199

Made from local ingredients like lawat and gugo, this all-natural shampoo is formulated to keep scalp healthy. Lawat has antibacterial properties, and gugo is a medicinal plant that also stimulates hair growth. Of course, it leaves the nasty stuff out too. It’s sulfates-free, which means this shampoo won’t break down the proteins and cell membranes in your hair.

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2) Algynatural Seaweeds Body Lotion

Price: P110

This lightweight body lotion strengthens skin by harnessing the power of locally-sourced seaweed. The ingredient keeps out irritants, while allowing nutrients to seep in. To top it all off, Algynatural is an eco-friendly Filipino enterprise, which means that when you use it, you’re helping protect the environment while boosting local economy. Looks like seaweed is not slimy for nothing after all!

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3) Zenutrients Coffee Smoothening Scrub

Price: P88

For dry, rough, or sunburnt skin, use this locally-made, all-natural soap. Like coffee for your skin, the vitamins and minerals packed into this bar will strengthen your skin. And the fact that a Filipino company produces it means that your daily grooming routine benefits our nation’s economy.

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4) Leyende Muscovado Sugar Exfoliator 

Price: P250

Instead of a synthetic, animal-tested scrub, this artisanal exfoliator is made with eco-friendly organic products such as Filipino muscovado sugar, almond oil, and calamansi extract. So you can slough off dead skin cells without adding any harmful stuff to your body. Use it on your face before shaving to get baby-smooth skin.

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5) Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel 

Price: P200

This clinically-tested pimple-fighting gel will help dry out acne-prone skin without peel or irritation. Human Nature is known for their personal care products which contribute to local communities and their environment. So this gel will feel as great on your skin as it does on your conscience.

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6) Echostore Sun Protect Cream

Price: P195

After you’ve gotten your skin back in shape with the other items, protect it by slathering on this moisturizing sunblock that keeps harmful UVA/UVB rays at bay. Echostore’s products are eco-friendly, fair trade, and created by communities in need, so you won’t be leaving a toxic haze in your wake.

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