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Facial Hair

<p>Unveil a razor-sharp personality</p>
| Jul 15, 2009
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Generally speaking, there are no strict rules as to how a man must wear his facial hair, as long as it matches his personality. Anyone who is capable of growing facial hair can definitely sport a style or two. Sometimes, however, you need to consider the shape of your face to get the most of your features.

Men with narrow, triangular, or oblong shaped faces find that wearing a beard creates the illusion that the face is more balanced. Men with thin lips find that moustaches and beards can be made to create the illusion of fullness. An upturned moustache such as the Dali, the English, or the Handlebar can take the sadness out of a down-turned mouth. Even those guys with enviable features find that the right facial hair can up their market value. Another rather interesting aspect to facial hair is that it can draw the eye away from a receding hairline.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake or of a drastic change because you can easily grow it back and redo it. Play it up. Experiment. The secret to a successful trim is to do it a little at a time.

Look into a mirror and examine your face shape: SQUARE. Strong jaw and usually with square-ish hairline; RECTANGULAR/OBLONG. Slender, angled, forehead and chin have same widths; ROUND. Full looking with round chin and hairline. Widest point at cheeks; TRIANGULAR. Pointed chin with narrowing cheekbones and temples; DIAMOND. Very prominent chin, narrow at temples and high hairline. Widest at cheekbones.

Now you know your shape, checkout the styles that match! Pickup your clippers, razor, and shaving cream and let’s get crackin’. 

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