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Tutsang Removal? Your Essential Grooming Questions, Answered!

We get down and dirty to come clean on basic grooming issues that need answers
by Happy Lopez | Aug 29, 2013
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Whether you're the lazy every-other-day ligo type or a posh fashionista who must take a shower at least twice a day, we all have questions when it comes to our quest to look and smell good. The thing is, since we're no dermas or skin care specialists or we're just too darn lazy to do a little bit of research, these remain, well, questions.

Of course, that doesn't have to be the case. For Christ's sakes, we're talking about our face and bod here, it's imperative we get a few answers lest we want to be the "before" section of a beauty ad.

With that in mind, we decided to put our feeling henyo caps on (read: interview a few experts) and get the much-needed answers to the many grooming-related questions that have been bugging us since our first zit came along, like...

1. What is the best thing to do with an ingrown toenail?

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fhm grooming tipsYour face when someone accidentally bumps your ingrown nail

“Unless you’re a professional manicurist, it’s really not advisable to take this problem into your own hands,” says Ogie Rodriguez, marketing communications manager for Nail-a-holics Nail Salon & Spa. An ingrown, when treated the wrong way, can turn into an infected wound, or worse, be taken in for an operation.

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The best thing to do is get your ass to the nearest nail salon and have a professional manicurist handle the situation, which includes cleaning,  removing, and treating your toenail with ointment. Just skip the Merthiolate and clear nail polish, please. Rodriguez also suggests, “Before heading out for the nail salon, apply baby oil on the affected toe to soften the skin followed by salicylic acid to help lift the ingrown, making it easier and less painful to remove.” A lot of men nowadays make mani-pedis part of their monthly grooming regimen so have it done every time you get a haircut at the barbershop.

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From the Upgrade section of FHM's August 2013 issue
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