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FHM Kadiri Files #3: Breaking Bad Breath

Don't let your "air" ruin things for you
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 21, 2013
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You've got it all planned out: japorms attire, cash to burn, top manly perfume, and an itinerary that will keep the both of you occupied (and hopefully lead to the bedroom). The rendezvous has been set, and now you're face-to-face with you crush. And then, you open your mouth...

BOOM! Disaster strikes!

It all goes downhill from there. She always faces away from you. She often covers her nose. She even makes "Imma-puke" faces.

Too bad, bud.

Despite all your troubles, your bad breath gets in the way. Tsk.

bad breath tipsStop talking if you're date looks like this! A-SAP!

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A whiff of stinky air can ruin what could've been an otherwise perfect meet-up. But this doesn't apply only to dates; it could be any situation where you need to open your mouth. So yeah, bad breath shouldn't be left unattended.

Because of all the potential dyahe scenarios this smelly problem can bring, here's another edition of FHM Kadiri Files. This time around, we shine the spotlight on bad breath: how you got it, why it stinks like a poso negro, and how you can avoid/cure it.

The end of your Boy Hininga days starts below!

What is bad breath?

Bad breath is the common term for a condition called Halitosis. Halitosis is a medical condition where an unpleasant smell comes from the air that you exhale. It's among the most popular reasons why people seek dental treatment together with tooth removal and gum problems.

The thing is, there's no one exact odor that determines if you have halitosis. It's pretty general, actually. As long as your breath is noticeably stinky, then you might have it.

Some of us think bad breath is no biggie. But it can actually cause psychological problems like anxiety—and then there's also the lalayuankangta0-ty. Heck, there's even a condition called pseudohalitosis, where a person is convinced he's afflicted with bad breath, when in reality he's just freaking out.

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What causes bad breath?

Here's where it gets a bit tricky. Halitosis can be the result of poor oral hygiene, the food you eat, an underlying infection or disease, or a combination of all of the above.

In the case of oral hygiene, not brushing your teeth properly or regularly can result to food bits being left to rot in peace. This promotes bacteria growth as they now have something to chow down on in order for them to multiply. This condition can produce a nasty odor, which then combines with the rotting food's own smell, producing a scent you wouldn't want to put your nose on.

bad breath tipsEven cartoon characters agree

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Bad breath can also be caused by what you eat, and the process goes way beyond your smacker. Studies show that spicy food can give you bad breath even after its digested. Apparently, it can pass through your bloodstream, all the way to your lungs, and the odor will be expelled when you exhale. This is a pretty long process which can take up to 72 hours. So the next time your momma tells you to skimp on that Bicol Express, you better listen if you're keen on keeping your breath fresh!

Now, if your BB isn't caused by spicy food or teeth problems, then something more serious might be going on. Bad breath can also be a sign of an underlying disease or infection. For one, you might have a throat or gum infection. Since both are connected to your mouth, the odor the bacteria caught in it produce can easily reek outside.

If you're much more unfortunate, your bad breath might be the result of serious conditions like cancer and metabolic disorders. The chemical produced by these illnesses can cause you to produce a different type of odor in your mouth.

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