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FHM Kadiri Files: The Bacne (And How To Deal With It)

Understand the scrooge that prevents you from going topless
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 22, 2013
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We're pretty sure you guys have already had or at least seen those sore roundish nasties called pimples. Nobody likes 'em, and although they're small, they can really ruin an otherwise handsome face. The thing is, they can also grow on other parts of the body, and if you're unlucky enough to have them on your back, bad news bro, you're afflicted with a condition called Bacne.

You could try to forever hide it underneath your clothes. But then, this puts you at risk of being on the receiving end of a "WTF, kadiri!" response from someone that you want to, say, get dirty with in the bedroom. Turn off!

So, because we don't want anything sad like that happening to you, we lend you a brotherly hand by coming up with a little explainer on Bacne, as well as a few tips on how to deal with it. Yep, we love you guys.

First, what is Bacne?

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bacne removal tipsNow put 20 of those on your back. Aguy!

Bacne is a condition where pimples, among others, spread in large numbers on a person's back. "Bacne" itself is an informal term, combining the words back and acne to describe a disease characterized by having a pimple breakout on your back because of infected and inflamed pores and super active oil glands.

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What causes it?

As with its facial counterpart, Bacne is caused by the combination of the overproduction of sebum (oil) by sebaceous or oil glands, dead skin cells, and bacteria. These can combine to block and form plugs on your pores and hair follicles, especially when your oil glands are on overdrive.

bacne removal tipsSay goodbye to your topless days!

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Things get worse when bacteria invade these plugs, causing them to turn sore and orange-reddish and even accumulate that nasty yellow fluid called pus or nana. The result? Pimples, and not the little, tagiyawat-sa-ilong kind. These are the large ones that are easily seen despite how many hilamos you take. And they can spread throughout your back, giving you Bacne. Likewise, your upper arms, chest, and shoulders can have pimples, too!

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