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FHM Papogi Guide #3: What To Do With Your Body Hair

We show you how to manage your armpit, chest, back, and pubic hair!
by Cia Juan | Jul 14, 2014
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When it comes to manscaping, there's a thin line between sexy and scary. While our Master Debaters, Abby and Jahziel, have some valid points on being unshaved down there, no girl wants to be suffocated by your grasslands (What is she to you, a goat?), in the same way as no girl wants to feel insecure that you're more makinis than she is.

So, what to do with your chest, pubic, and armpit hair? Below are the bro-approved ways of keeping your body hair manly but presentable!


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According to pareng Charles Darwin, a hairy chest is a human ornament which acts solely to attract the opposite sex. So chest hair is actually a weapon, but it should look neat and natural.

DO: Wax using DIY strips (it hurts less since you're doing it yourself) or visit a waxing salon (good luck!).
Waxing makes subsequent hair grow thinner, softer, and more pleasant to touch. 

Say hello to Veet's ready-to-use wax strips

DON'T: Shave. Shaving thickens the hair and makes it prickly like needles. Not sexy. 


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Even basketball stars and the burliest body builders trim their armpit hair, so you shouldn't be exempted. It helps reduce body odor, too! 

DO: Trim with scissors. It's not like your girl is gonna MOMOL with your kili-kili so yeah, you can trim and let it thicken like a well-maintained bush. Just keep it short. 

Tweezerman's stainless thinning shears says hello

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DON'T: Let it grow eternally (eeew) or shave it bare. Women expect hair beneath a man's arms. Armpit hair also releases pheromones (some scents that tell her you got good genes), but you want her to smell the pheromone, not the B.O. So trim it!

NEXT: For your beastly pubes, back, and toes! 

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